Johnnie Walker Time's Up!!! Icon Gets Female Partner

1/15/2018 12:50 AM PST

Johnnie Walker Company Prepping to Introduce Jane Walker

Exclusive Details

Behind every great man is a great woman -- and apparently the same goes for drunk men, because the folks at Johnnie Walker whisky are about to roll out his female counterpart.

Diageo, the company that owns Johnnie, filed paperwork in early January to trademark the name Jane Walker for all alcoholic beverages except beer ... according to new docs.

It's unclear exactly what the Jane Walker products would be, but in the midst of the #timesup movement ... gender equality and female empowerment seem like probable themes.

This isn't the first time Jane's name has been tossed around either -- around the time of the 2016 election, Walker reportedly had an ad campaign titled "Jane Walker" in the works ... but scrapped it after Hillary Clinton lost.

Apparently that wound has healed, 'cause Jane's ready to go. Bottoms up?