Eliot Spitzer Recorded Rant at Ex ... Go to Siberia and Die, Bitch!!

1/24/2018 7:59 AM PST

Ex-NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer Recording of Death Threats Against Ex-GF Released

Ex-NY Governor Eliot Spitzer threatened an ex-girlfriend and her family ... and unfortunately for him, she recorded the violent rant.

Svetlana Zakharova Travis says she recorded the phone conversation shortly after a February 2016 incident where the disgraced politician allegedly choked her at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Spitzer barked at her, "Go to Siberia and f**king die, a**hole!"

He continued, "F**king bitch. Get out of my life. If I ever hear from you again, your parents will die."

The NY Daily News first posted the audio, which Svetlana's attorney says proves prosecutors are protecting Spitzer. 

Spitzer was cleared in the alleged Plaza attack, and Svetlana ended up getting charged with extorting Spitzer for $400k.