Anthony Scaramucci to T-Mobile I'm a Gay Rights Activist!!! ... Can Ya Hear Me Now?!

2/2/2018 6:38 AM PST

Anthony Scaramucci Says T-Mobile Got It Wrong, He's a Gay Rights Activist


Anthony Scaramucci says T-Mobile has his politics all wrong ... Exhibit A -- he's a gay rights activist.

We got the former White House Communications Director at LAX Thursday and asked him about the nixed deal from the mobile carrier. TMZ broke the story ... T-Mobile offered the Mooch a mid 6-figure deal for a surprise Super Bowl ad. But then, the carrier pulled the plug.

Scaramucci's adamant it had everything to do with siding with Trump ... but he insists everyone take a look at his record -- he's been a gay rights activist his whole life. It's true ... his investment company has donated to pro-gay rights groups in the past and he's pushed for workplace equality.

Maybe next year, Smooch.