Prez Trump This Blows!!! Hair Takes Loss in Wind

2/7/2018 6:40 AM PST

President Trump's Hair Meets Stiff Wind, Hair Loses Badly

Mother Nature - 1
President Trump's hair - 0

A video of the Prez boarding Air Force One is, pardon the phrase, blowing up on the Internet and it's exposed a bizarre UFO situation.

Watch and try to explain what the hell is flying on top of Trump's head. There's always been a buzz about combovers in the front of his 'do -- but this video, shot earlier this month, proves there's more action 'round back.

Trump has long insisted he does NOT wear a wig, or any hairpiece, but the stiff breeze seemed to temporarily remove ALL the hair from the back of his head. 

And the wind cries ... WTF??!!