Blac Youngsta Here's Why I'm Gifting a New Ass

2/27/2018 6:53 AM PST

Blac Youngsta Explains Why He's Buying Someone a New Booty


Blac Youngsta says he's buying one lucky lady butt implants to uplift her -- in spirit and in cheeks -- and he kinda, sorta seems serious about his intentions ... maybe.

We got the Memphis MC Monday in NYC where we asked about his new booty campaign that he just announced ... paying for someone to have surgery done on their rear-end.

Youngsta tells us he's basically doing this to empower women -- and not just to make a hot chick even more fine. Sounds like he wants to help an ugly duckling become a swan.

It's a nice thought ... but we can't ignore the fact that he just dropped a new album with a song on there called "Booty." The man definitely knows how to self-promote.

Oh, and he has some thoughts on who's got the best ass in the game right now. And it ain't who you think it'd be ... or perhaps it is