Rick Ross Desperate 911 Call Coughing Up Blood, In and Out of Consciousness

3/8/2018 11:49 AM PST

Rick Ross Desperate 911 Call Reveals He Was Coughing Up Blood

Rick Ross was coughing up blood, breathing hard and in and out of consciousness before a friend called 911.

TMZ's obtained audio from the desperate 911 call made last week from Ross' Miami home. A male caller claims Ross is breathing heavily, was throwing up and had taken medication earlier but needed an ambulance. The caller also mentions Rick's previous history with seizures.  

We broke the story ... Rick was rushed to the hospital after someone called 911 to report he was unresponsive and "slobbing at the mouth." As we reported ... he spent 4 days in the hospital and at one point was in ICU and put on ECMO, which assists respiratory and heart functions. 

Da Boss is now home recovering ... but the health scare was enough to postpone his daughter Toie's $100k Sweet 16.