Arnold Schwarzenegger Shades Elon Musk Shoot for Model 3s, Then Mars!!!

3/12/2018 7:22 AM PDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shades Elon Musk Over Tesla's Model 3


Arnold Schwarzenegger is wondering what the rest of the world is wondering -- what's taking Elon Musk so long to get that Model 3 going?!

We got Arnold at SXSW in Austin (yup, we're everywhere) and our guy wanted to know if Arnold would ever volunteer for Elon's Mars trip. Arnold quickly fired back and went after Elon's Model 3. For the uninitiated ... the electric sedan -- with a base price of just $35k -- has been Elon's master plan to bring an affordable car to the electric vehicle market. But Tesla's struggled to produce the sought-after car with yet another production halt.

What's more ... Elon's missed nearly every goal and his target of producing 5,000 Model 3s per week has been pushed back to June. But it sounds like Arnold's ready to help. We think.