Will Smith Gets Salsa Lessons ... From Marc Anthony!

3/25/2018 11:32 AM PDT

Will Smith Gets Salsa Lessons from Marc Anthony

Will Smith is no stranger to Miami, and now he's no stranger to salsa dancing either ... all thanks to Marc Anthony!

Big Willie created his 100th Instagram post Sunday, featuring a video of himself getting salsa lessons in Miami from none other than Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Marc. Oh, and they were getting down on a boat, of course. Nothing says "Wepa!" like the open seas. 

Perhaps to no one's surprise, Will's got rhythm. He seemed to be able to keep up with Marc's moves step for step ... and he definitely got the Latin pop star's approval by the end of the dance number. 

Apparently, learning salsa from Marc was on Will's bucket list. He captioned the post "#Bucketlist - Salsa Lessons from @MarcAnthony."

Oddly specific ... but hey, he got it done. Bienvenido al baile, Mr. Smith.