President Trump Friendly Send-off for 'Hopie' Hicks

3/29/2018 10:04 AM PDT

President Trump Says Farewell to Hope Hicks with Handshakes and a Kiss

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President Trump just lost hope in the White House -- his trusted aide Hope Hicks left 1600 Penn. with a warm, and slightly awkward goodbye. 

Trump and his former Communications Director's Thursday morning photo op featured a kiss on the cheek and 2 firm handshakes. Hope seemed to briefly attempt a friendly father-daughter type hug as they parted ways. 

The Prez turned to the cameras and pointed at Hope, possibly giving her a plug for future employment. Makes sense -- he's reportedly referred to her as a surrogate daughter, and the nickname, "Hopie."

Daughter or not, her comment to the House Intelligence Committee about telling "white lies" as part of her job seemed to be too much.

As they say, Hope floats ... away from POTUS.