Lance Bass & Hubby Michael Turchin Picking the Sperm to Make Our Baby ... is All Fun and Games!!!

4/3/2018 6:54 AM PDT

Lance Bass and Hubby Can't Decide Whose Sperm They'll Use for Baby


Lance Bass and hubby Michael Turchin are in the super early baby planning stages ... so early, in fact, how they'll decide whose sperm to use to make the baby's a competition.

We got Lance and Michael at LAX Monday and our guy wanted to talk babies even though Lance was pretty hoarse. Didn't matter ... they still shared some deets on having a baby hopefully in 2018.

The couple's exploring the surrogacy route, but thing is ... it appears they haven't figured out whose sperm they'll use. Lance has the chops and Michael's easy on the eyes ... so how will they decide?!