Marco Rubio Anyone Can Be Next House Speaker ... Even You, Kanye!!!

4/12/2018 5:34 PM PDT

Marco Rubio Confirms Kanye West Can Be Next Speaker of the House, But ...


Sen. Marco Rubio is shedding some light on a little known fact about the position of Speaker of the House -- and no offense to Paul Ryan, but any Joe Schmo can do it! Even Kanye West

We got Rubio Thursday on Capitol Hill and addressed the soon-to-be open gig -- now that Rep. Ryan's bowed out of reelection -- and the fact that it's literally wide open. If ya didn't know ... you don't even have to be in Congress to score the job. 

Rubio makes it clear there are a few caveats, mostly because you'd be 3rd in line of succession to the White House. But as our camera guy and the Senator point out ... Yeezy is more than eligible.

Before Kim starts packing for D.C., though -- Rubio had the perfect analogy for why he wouldn't bet on 'Ye or any other political outsider becoming Speaker.