Gucci Mane Gets a Big Block ... Stage Crasher Crushed!!!

4/14/2018 5:47 PM PDT

Gucci Mane's Road Manager Body Checks Stage Crasher at Concert

Gucci Mane's show came to a brief halt after a guy jumped on stage and got a little too close to the rapper for comfort ... and got promptly destroyed by a body check.

Gucci was performing at Tuskegee University in Alabama Friday night when the guy crashed the stage, but before he could dance -- or whatever he was doing -- to the front ... Gucci's road manager, Snake, came flying in for the blindside block.

Another member of Mane's crew then stepped in for the final takedown ... and the show went on.

Gucci wrote ... "Somebody Tried to Sack The QuarterBack last nite but shout out my road manager aka Fullback @atlsnake #OnGuard #EyesUp"

The rapper's back at it tonight in Fayetteville, AR ... and our advice to those in attendance -- don't hop on stage.