Cardi B I Got a Little Tipsy!!!

4/29/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Cardi B Almost Tips Over in Golf Cart


Cardi B got a scare Saturday when the golf card in which she was sitting suddenly rose off the ground, and it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out why.

Cardi was performing at the Broccoli Fest in DC when a golf cart arrived at her trailer to take her back stage, where she was slated to be the headliner.

A few people join her on the cart, but you clearly see a super beefy security guard jump on the back, propelling the front wheels off the ground. The guard quickly stood back, and the cart made it to the stage without incident. 

Cardi B's baby daddy Offset was also present. Migos co-headlined the event with her. Miguel also performed for the Broccoli enthusiasts. 

Cardi B says this will be her last performance before giving birth. The baby is due around the 4th of July.