Dan Aykroyd I Got My 'Blues Bros' Reboot Stars ... Thanks to TMZ Photog!!

4/27/2018 3:28 PM PDT

Cardi B & Tiffany Haddish on Dan Aykroyd's List for 'Blues Brothers' Reboot


Dan Aykroyd's suddenly fired up to get the band back together, and this time his 'Blues Brothers' reboot could have 2 of the hottest women in hip-hop and comedy ... if Dan and our camera guy get their way.

We got Elwood Blues leaving e. baldi restaurant in Bev Hills, and asked him about his rumored "Soul Sisters" project. He excitedly told us he's making serious progress, and then our guy dropped the casting gem on him.

Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish! You gotta see Dan's reaction -- he's down with it. In fact, he even made our photog an offer he probably shouldn't refuse.

If this works out, and Cardi can work it into her very busy schedule ... we could be hiring soon.