Marcia Clark New Legal Drama ... TV Show Gets ABC Pickup!!!

5/11/2018 3:01 PM PDT

Marcia Clark's New Legal Drama TV Show 'The Fix' Gets Picked Up by ABC


Marcia Clark just took a big step toward no longer just being known for a real-life legal drama ... and making it big in Hollywood with a TV version instead.

The famed O.J. Simpson prosecutor's new show, "The Fix" -- which has been described as part legal thriller and part revenge fantasy -- just got picked up to series by ABC ... according to sources close to production.

We're told the drama -- which Marcia co-writes and executive produces -- is being pegged by ABC to partly fill the void left by Shonda Rhimes leaving the network for Netflix ... along with the recent cancellations of "Designated Survivor" and "Quantico."

Actress Robin Tunney plays the lead character on "The Fix" ... which is loosely based on Clark's life as an L.A. prosecutor who loses the case of her life and gets shredded by the media.