Tina Knowles Beyonce & Solange Went to Counseling To Deal With Bey's Stardom

5/11/2018 11:31 AM PDT

Tina Knowles Put Daughters in Counseling to Deal with Beyonce's Fame

Tina Knowles knew very early Beyonce would be a star, so she put her kids in counseling so Solange could deal with being in Bey's shadow.

Tina sat down with Maria Shriver Friday to discuss her kids and parenting skills. Knowles says Beyonce's local fame ballooned at an early age, so she'd take Wednesdays off work for "Solange Day" ... a day dedicated to Solange, who sometimes had a hard time living in Beyonce's shadow.

Tina also revealed her daughters saw a counselor because Beyonce would sometimes get irritated with her little sister ... and the counseling helped to ease that tension.

Stand down, Dr. Phil ... things are just fine.