Elon Musk Hedges on Trump Getting Nobel Prize

5/13/2018 9:55 AM PDT

Elon Musk Hedges on Trump Getting Nobel Prize


Elon Musk was not wearing his poker face Saturday night in WeHo, when our photog asked about the possibility of Donald Trump getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

The undeniably brilliant Musk had trouble processing the concept of Trump snagging such an award, but ultimately concluded if nuclear armament were an egg, it has not yet hatched ... not even close.

Elon, who was leaving Boa steakhouse, showed no hesitation on the subject of artificial intelligence, and the dangers that lurk. Elon has squared off with Mark Zuckerberg over unregulated A.I., although Zuckerberg has been out of the game lately ... he has other fish to fry.

Elon's fears kinda came to life on the heels of Boston Dynamics releasing footage of their latest robot, Atlas, that can run and jump.  BTW, his ex-wife Talulah Riley plays a deadly robot on the HBO series, "Westworld."

What's more dangerous ... a robot or an ex?