Robbie Williams Flees Burning Hotel in London

6/6/2018 2:40 PM PDT

Robbie Williams Escapes Huge Fire at London's Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Robbie Williams ran for his life from a massive fire at one of London's luxury hotels, but it looks like he and his friends were able to escape.

The British pop singer was one of the hundreds of people forced to evacuate Wednesday when the Mandarin Oriental Hotel caught fire. It's unclear what started it at this point, but the blaze inside the 12-story structure was visible for miles.

Robbie and some pals were able to quickly make their way down a fire escape, bolting down several flights. His friend asks if he's alright, and Robbie flashes a thumbs-up sign, indicating he was just fine.

More good news ... local authorities have yet to announce any injuries, so it would seem nobody was hurt in the flames -- which reportedly required more than 20 fire engines and upwards of 100 firefighters to be called to the scene.