Sean Spicer Heckled on Book Tour You're a Real Piece of Garbage!!!

7/26/2018 6:47 AM PDT

Sean Spicer Heckled During Book Tour in New York, Called 'Garbage Person'

Sean Spicer's new book and subsequent book tour did not go over well in New York this week -- at least according to this heckler ... who called him "garbage" 3 different ways. 

President Trump's former Press Secretary is making the rounds for his new publication, "The Briefing," and showed up for a book signing Wednesday at Barnes & Noble in NYC.

Almost immediately ... he got called out by a guy in the crowd.

The man interrupts a line of questioning from the event's moderator to call Sean a "real piece of garbage" ... which spurred shocked and angry reactions from other audience members. Security intervened and escorted the dude out, but not before a few more "garbage" shots.

He calls Sean a liar -- both in his book and in real life -- while going on to note that there were a lot of empty seats at the event ... and that "The Briefing" got skewered by The WSJ.