Harvey Weinstein D.A. Mum, But Confident On Rape Accuser Emails

8/7/2018 9:51 AM PDT

D.A. in Harvey Weinstein Case Stays Quiet but Confident About Rape Accuser Emails


Harvey Weinstein's lawyers might think the emails from one of his rape accusers will get his criminal charges dismissed, but the District Attorney seems supremely confident the case is moving forward.

We got Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. Tuesday and asked him about Weinstein's revelation one of his accusers sent scores of emails that make it seem like they had a longstanding, consensual sexual relationship. TMZ broke the story ... Weinstein's team says the D.A. engaged in misconduct by keeping the emails away from the Grand Jury ... and therefore his indictment should be tossed.

Vance told us he has a "very strong answer" to why his office did NOT present the emails to the Grand Jury -- he's just not ready to reveal it yet.

He did tell us he's expecting the judge to rule soon on Weinstein's motion to dismiss. Vance also seems sure he's gonna come out on top.