Omarosa I Got Trump on Tape ... Pointing Collusion Finger at Hillary

9/10/2018 10:04 AM PDT

Omarosa's New Tape Reveals Trump Accusing Hillary of Russia Collusion

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President Trump believes there's plenty of proof Hillary Clinton is actually the one guilty of colluding with the Russians, and openly discussed it in meetings ... according to the new recording Omarosa just released.

She says this audio is from an October 2017 meeting -- Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Hope Hicks are heard talking to POTUS about Robert Mueller's investigation. Trump gleefully discusses a report claiming Hillary's campaign dropped millions to get the alleged Russian dossier on Trump ... which he calls, "the phony report."

You can hear Trump say, "So the whole Russia thing, I think, seems to have turned around. What do you think, Sarah [Sanders]?" Sarah replies, "Absolutely."

Omarosa released the audio Monday morning on "The View" -- and added a confession of sorts, saying ... "Hillary Clinton was robbed and I was a co-conspirator in that robbery. [I] helped this con man get into office."

We'll give her this -- she knows how to sell a book. Nearly a month after its release, 'Unhinged' is still near the top of several bestseller lists.