Bella Hadid Best Selfie ... Ever.

9/14/2018 10:35 AM PDT

Bella Hadid Supersizes Her Selfie Game in Paris Airport

Bella Hadid's such a knockout, even SHE had to stop and take a picture of herself ... plastered on a huge billboard in Paris!  

The model arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport Friday, and while waiting at baggage claim, she wound up in the shadow of her own mug on a HUGE TAG Heuer ad. The ad's for her limited edition watch that features 48 diamonds and retails at just a tad over $6k.

Bella -- who has been a TAG Heuer ambassador since 2016 -- looked pretty damn happy about her mini-takeover of the airport. That smile screams ... my selfie game is way better than yours!

Can't argue with her on that.

You might not have a 15-foot high image of yourself, but if you're looking for a reason to smile -- check out Bella in this and, of course, THIS. C'est magnifique!