R.L. Stine My Scariest Moment Lasted 30 Seconds!!!

10/5/2018 9:44 AM PDT

'Goosebumps' Author R.L. Stine's Scariest Moment Ever Lasted Only 30 Seconds


R.L. Stine had the living crap scared out of him -- and, although it didn't last long, we're thinking every parent can relate to his terrifying moment.

We got the "Goosebumps" author at Shop Studios for New York Comic Con Thursday and we straight-up asked him what scares him. Remember, this guy makes a living scaring kids with his insanely popular books. So, maybe it's only appropriate that a kid's responsible for the 30 scariest seconds of his life.

We also asked R.L. when's the last time he dressed up for Halloween. Surprisingly, that question didn't trigger R.L.'s SADDEST story ever