Prada 'Sambo' Figurine ... Triggers Cries of Racism

12/15/2018 8:06 AM PST

Prada Purse with 'Sambo' Figurine Triggers Cries of Racism

Prada just pulled a bonehead blunder that a lot of people are calling racist.

The high-end Manhattan shop put this purse in its window with a Sambo-like doll attached. People went nuts on social media once the image was posted. Some felt it resembled a Sambo figure ... others say it resembled a monkey and some felt it was a cross between the two.

It's pretty incredible that the folks at Prada were this tone-deaf because it's hard to imagine how they didn't see the wave of criticism that would befall them. 

The company issued a statement Friday saying it "abhors racist imagery." It went on to say the figure was meant as "fantasy charms." It's clearly a bad fantasy.

The figurines have been 86'd from Prada.