'Botched' Star Terry Dubrow Sued You Botched My Breast Implants!!! ... Patient Claims

12/24/2018 3:47 PM PST

'Botched' Star Dr. Terry Dubrow Sued Over Botched Breast Implant Surgery


UPDATE:  5:23 PM PT -- Dr. Dubrow sent us his statement, saying it is "incredibly rude of TMZ to run a story like this on Xmas Eve. The bad karma is incredible."

Dr. Terry Dubrow is famous for fixing plastic surgeries gone wrong on his reality TV show, but one of his recent patients claims he's responsible for screwing up her breast implants ... this according to a new lawsuit. 

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Tina Andrade claims the "Botched" star performed her breast implant surgery in October 2016, but Dr. Dubrow did such a poor job she's in need of a second surgery to fix the damage. 

In the docs, Tina claims she went to Dr. Dubrow's practice in Newport Beach for the surgery, and instead of getting a better bust, Tina claims Dr. Dubrow improperly placed and installed her breast implants. 

Tina is suing Dr. Dubrow for negligence and medical malpractice, and she's seeking damages for lost wages, physical and psychological damages, and medical expenses. 

We've reached out to Dr. Dubrow ... so far, no word back.