Cardi B Kulture Swap in New Zealand!!!

1/2/2019 7:00 AM PST

Cardi B Rubs Noses with Warrior, Welcomed with Haka Dance in New Zealand

Cardi B went head-to-head with a New Zealand warrior ... and came away with a HUGE smile.

The rapper got the warmest welcome Wednesday after landing in Auckland where she'll headline in the country's biggest summer (yeah, their seasons are backward) festival ... the Bay Dreams Festival. Cardi was in awe as a warrior from the Kai Haka group embraced her arrival. And, they got really close too.

The warrior gave Cardi a "hongi" greeting by rubbing noses. The group also performed the Haka dance as Cardi soaked it all in. She later posed for pictures with the group before going on her way.

The rapper profusely thanked the group for the performance and told them, "Thank you for sharing your culture with me and I hope I can show you some of mine."

The visit comes on the heels of spending New Year's Eve in Australia ... where she couldn't get enough of the Aussies' hospitality too.