'Odd Future' Concert Victim I'm Getting Violent Threats from Blood-Thirsty Fans!

A fan who suffered a nasty onstage beatdown at the hands of rap group Odd Future continues to be viciously attacked ... only now, it's by bitter fans on the Internet -- and the 17-year-old tells us, he's scared for his life.

TMZ broke the story ... Chassan Rasagi got his ass whooped by the group after jumping on stage at an OF show in San Antonio earlier this month -- and claims he suffered serious injuries as a result ... including lacerations, scratches and burns all over his body.

Rasagi filed a police report immediately after the incident -- and has since lawyered up to sue the group -- but now, he tells us he can't even go online without facing relentless torment, anti-Semitism, and violent threats from OF fans. Among the threats:

-"Needs to get his prepubescent face smashed again..."
-"Is a f**king #f***got ass bitch made honky #OFWGKTA should of shoved a mic up your white ass"
- "Learn to take a beating you f**king Jew ass"
- "You a straight P***y dude"

The cyber terrorism's gotten so frightening ... Rasagi says he's started to keep track of the messages ... because he fears he might get jumped, or worse.

We reached out to Odd Future -- so far, no word back.

Odd Future Accused of Brutal Onstage Beatdown

Several members of the rap group Odd Future unleashed an unholy beatdown on a fan who dared to jump on stage during a show -- a fight captured on video -- and now, the fan is gearing up to sue.

17-year-old Chassan Rasagi filed a police report with the San Antonio PD, claiming they beat the ever-lovin' hell out of him.

Sources tell us ... OF rapper Hodgy Beats pushed Rasagi back into the crowd ...and he then became a human ping pong ball when the crowd pushed Rasagi back on stage. At that point, we're told the group attacked Rasagi en masse.

Rasagi suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body during the melee. We're told he also suffered two seizures. We're told Rasagi now plans to sue the group. It's worth noting some people in the crowd claim Rasagi threw the first punch.

Calls to Odd Future's camp weren't returned.

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