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'Texas Women' INSANE Woman-on-Man Brawl Outside Bar [VIDEO]

4/6/2012 4:30 AM PDT

Don't mess with "Texas Women" -- because one of the female star's of the CMT reality show single-handedly took down a MAN with a nasty flurry of punches ... and the brutal street fight was all caught on tape!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... the fight went down February 18th outside some bar in Fort Worth, after a guy called Brooke Jeter the C-word ... rhymes with runt.

Brooke's husband jumped to defend her ... but she didn't need the help ... and beat the guy down with haymaker after haymaker ... it's pretty gnarly.

Cops swooped in ... ripped Brooke off her helpless victim and put Brooke in handcuffs. But she didn't go quietly ... so one of the officers shoved her on to his squad car to calm her down.

We're told the fight will most likely be a plot line on the show, which premieres Saturday.

Yee. Haw.
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