Shifty Shellshock GF Clashes with Family at Hospital

4/3/2012 8:10 AM PDT

Shifty Shellshock -- Girlfriend Clashes with Family at Hospital

While former "Crazy Town" singer Shifty Shellshock lay hospitalized in a coma ... his baby mama and his family were fighting in the ICU, according to the woman.

Jasmine Lennard, Shifty's girlfriend and mother of their 2-year-old son ... claims Shifty's family never said a word about him being in the hospital -- and she had no idea until friends told her yesterday.

As TMZ first reported, the former "Celebrity Rehab" star has been unresponsive in intensive care since last week ... and people close to him think drugs are to blame.

Jasmine tells TMZ she rushed to the L.A. area hospital Monday afternoon, but when she got to the ICU ... Shifty's sister grabbed her arm and other family members cursed at her. According to Jasmine things got so heated "security was eventually called and we were all separated."

Jasmine says she got to Shifty's room, but was never able to see him. She's furious about the family keeping her in the dark, and claims they are "blaming me for leaving him during Christmas for this relapse."

Shifty's mother and sister haven't responded to our phone calls.

Jasmine says she and Shifty had reunited, and she fully intends to go back to the hospital.