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Andre Berto

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John Andrew Berton Jr. is known for his work on Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and Jurassic Park (1993).  See full bio on IMDb »

Andre Berto Says Tenshin Can Ruin Mayweather's Legacy FOREVER

Andre Berto
Tenshin Can Ruin Floyd Mayweather ... Losing Would Kill Legacy

Andrew Berto says Tenshin Nasukawa has a huge chance ... the chance to ruin Floyd Mayweather's legacy FOREVER, all he's gotta do is go in there and beat Floyd. Mayweather is 50-0 and has beaten… READ MORE >

Andre Berto Says Chuck Liddell & Tito Ortiz Should Retire, Not Fight

Andre Berto
Chuck Liddell & Tito Ortiz Shouldn't Fight ... They Should Retire

Andre Berto isn't into the idea of a 48-year-old Chuck Liddell taking on a 43-year-old Tito Ortiz, telling TMZ Sports both men are at the age where they need to ride off into the MMA sunset.… READ MORE >

- 288 days ago
Andre Berto Says He Doesn't Punch Regular Dudes, He Slaps Them

Andre Berto
I Don't Punch Regular Dudes ... I Slap The Hell Out Of Them

Attention world class fighters who want to punish regular guys for disrespect -- but don't wanna go to jail ... former boxing champ Andre Berto has a work-around for your frustrations. Berto was… READ MORE >

- 324 days ago
Andre Berto: Canelo's Steroids Meat Excuse Smells Kinda Fishy

Andre Berto
Canelo's Meat Excuse Smells Fishy

Here's another episode of "Reading Between the Lines," starring Andre Berto ... who's basically calling BS on Canelo Alvarez for blaming his failed steroids test… READ MORE >

- 382 days ago
Andre Berto: Dana White's Right, Jon Jones Is The #1 Wasted Talent in Sports

Andre Berto
Dana White's Right ... Jon Jones Is The #1 Wasted Talent

Jon Jones is the biggest wasted talent in sports history -- so says Andre Berto, who agreed with Dana White's bold statement from earlier this week. Don't get it twisted -- Andre is a HUGE Jones… READ MORE >

- 521 days ago
Chuck Liddell: Boxers Should Stick to Boxing, 'Stay There'

Chuck Liddell
Hey, Boxers ... Stay in Your Sport

Chuck Liddell's got a message for all the big-name boxers trying to transition to MMA ... DON'T DO IT -- unless you wanna embarrass yourself.  "Guys coming from boxing -- stay there," Chuck… READ MORE >

- 568 days ago
Andre Berto Serious About Joining UFC: 'Tell Dana White to Call Me'

Andre Berto
I'm Serious About Joining UFC 'Tell Dana to Call Me'

Andre Berto says he wants to cross over from boxing to the UFC ... and he's 100% serious about it. TMZ Sports spoke with Berto about Conor's return to the Octagon after losing to Floyd Mayweather… READ MORE >

- 573 days ago
Andre Berto Says Pacquiao vs. Horn Decision Was 'a Bunch of Bulls**t'

Andre Berto
Pacquiao Got Screwed Over 'Whole Bunch of Bulls**t'

Andre Berto is pissed about Manny Pacquiao's loss to Jeff Horn for the WBO title over the weekend, telling TMZ Sports the controversial decision was "a whole bunch of bulls**t." We spoke… READ MORE >

- 627 days ago
 Andre Berto Says Floyd Has To Embarrass Conor Or He's A joke

Andre Berto
Floyd Has To Embarrass Conor ... Or He's A Joke

Floyd Mayweather HAS to dominate Conor McGregor or he'll be the laughingstock of professional boxing, so says Andre Berto, who told TMZ Sports ALL the pressure is on Mayweather. We got Berto out… READ MORE >

- 644 days ago
Andre Berto, Oscar De La Hoya Stunned by Bernard Hopkins KO

Andre Berto, Oscar De La Hoya
Stunned By Bernard Hopkins KO

Andre Berto just shook his head Saturday night, wondering why Bernard Hopkins chose to get back in the ring, only to get knocked out of said ring by Joe Smith, Jr. Andre was at Delliah Saturday… READ MORE >

- 826 days ago
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