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Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood Thinks Kelly Ripa's 'Bachelor' Criticism is Out of Touch

Colton Underwood
Kelly Ripa's Really Out of Touch ... With 'Bachelor' Criticism

Colton Underwood thinks Kelly Ripa is too far removed from modern-day dating to understand "The Bachelor" ... and her criticism proves just how out of touch she really is.  We… READ MORE >

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Hit the Beach After 'The Bachelor'

Colton and Cassie
Life's a Beach

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph returned to sunny SoCal over the weekend to spend time with Cassie's family. The brood hit the sand in Huntington Beach ... this after Colton and Cassie's New… READ MORE >

- 66 days ago
Colton Underwood and Cassie Talk Virginity and Marriage

Colton and Cassie
Here's What We Have to Say ... About Virginity and Marriage!!!

Colton Underwood and Cassie know how to say a lot and a little at the same time ... so we found out at LAX. The freshly-minted couple had just landed when our photog -- an avid 'Bachelor' fan --… READ MORE >

- 67 days ago
Colton Underwood Fan Grabbed His Junk During Event, Prompting Early Exit

Colton Underwood
Female Fan Grabbed His Junk ... Virgin Joke Gone Awry

Colton Underwood's penis and virginity came under fire during his charity event in San Diego, leaving the 'Bachelor' star feeling deeply disturbed and violated.  Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ...… READ MORE >

- 95 days ago
Colton Underwood Says He Was Touched Inappropriately at Event, Leaves Early

Colton Underwood
I Was Touched Inappropriately ... Leaves Fan Event Early

Colton Underwood says somebody touched him inappropriately at his charity event in San Diego and, as a result, he cut his appearance short and got the hell outta there. The current… READ MORE >

- 97 days ago
Colton Underwood Says Snapchat Pic's Fake, Virgin Before 'Bachelor'

Colton Underwood
I Didn't Bang Big Boob'd Chick ... Snapchat Pic is Fake News

There's a photo circulating trying to pin Colton Underwood as a non-virgin long before his reign on "The Bachelor" ... but, rest assured, he hadn't swiped his v-card before his… READ MORE >

- 110 days ago
'Bachelor' Contestant Caelynn Tells Colton She's a Sexual Assault Survivor

'Bachelor' Contestant Caelynn
Opens Up to Colton About Being Sexually Assaulted

Caelynn Miller-Keyes -- one of the remaining contestants on "The Bachelor" vying for Colton Underwood's love -- became the first to ever share her #MeToo story on the show ... and it was… READ MORE >

- 113 days ago
Colton Underwood Says His Virginity Won't Define Him Forever, It'll Be Something Else

Colton Underwood
Virginity Won't Define Me Forever ... It Will Be Something Else

Colton Underwood is carrying himself like a man who just released a huge weight from his shoulders -- or maybe from somewhere else -- because he says the conversation surrounding his… READ MORE >

- 131 days ago
'The Bachelor' Couldn't Stop Making Virgin Jokes About Colton Underwood

'The Bachelor' Season Premiere
Colton's Virginity Top of Mind

As if the new 'Bachelor' didn't already know he was a virgin, his suitors (and the show at large) constantly reminded him during the season premiere ... and it got old fast. Colton Underwood's… READ MORE >

- 134 days ago
'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Says Contestant's Fake Australian Accident Was Awesome

'Bachelor' Colton Underwood
Sometimes Fake is Great!!!

Colton Underwood admires women who fake it for love. We got the 'Bachelor' star in WeHo heading into Boa and asked about Bri Barnes, who greeted him on the show with a fake Aussie accent. Colton… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
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