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Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood Says His Virginity Won't Define Him Forever, It'll Be Something Else

Colton Underwood
Virginity Won't Define Me Forever ... It Will Be Something Else

Colton Underwood is carrying himself like a man who just released a huge weight from his shoulders -- or maybe from somewhere else -- because he says the conversation surrounding his… READ MORE >

'The Bachelor' Couldn't Stop Making Virgin Jokes About Colton Underwood

'The Bachelor' Season Premiere
Colton's Virginity Top of Mind

As if the new 'Bachelor' didn't already know he was a virgin, his suitors (and the show at large) constantly reminded him during the season premiere ... and it got old fast. Colton Underwood's… READ MORE >

- 11 days ago
'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Says Contestant's Fake Australian Accident Was Awesome

'Bachelor' Colton Underwood
Sometimes Fake is Great!!!

Colton Underwood admires women who fake it for love. We got the 'Bachelor' star in WeHo heading into Boa and asked about Bri Barnes, who greeted him on the show with a fake Aussie accent. Colton… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
Colton Underwood Gets Coy When Asked About Losing His Virginity

Colton Underwood
Am I Still a Virgin? Well ...

Colton Underwood just swerved REAL hard on the big v-question that everyone wants to know. The 'Bachelor' star was out Tuesday in NYC and was asked about finding love and whether or not he… READ MORE >

- 17 days ago
Colton Underwood Making Out With Suitor During Filming of 'The Bachelor'

Colton Underwood
Macking Down In My Hometown

Say this for famed virgin Colton Underwood, America's next 'Bachelor' knows his way around first base ... just look at his mile-high make out!  We've obtained footage of Colton and one… READ MORE >

- 87 days ago
Don't Cry for Virgin Colton Underwood on 'Bachelor,' says Dr. Jenn Mann

Dr. Jenn Mann
Virgin 'Bachelor' No Biggie ... He's Used to Hotties Lining Up

Colton Underwood putting his virginity up for grabs on "The Bachelor" will be just another day at the office for him ... according to Dr. Jenn Mann. We got the "Couples Therapy" doc… READ MORE >

- 126 days ago
'Bachelor' Bob Guiney Says Colton Shouldn't Have Sex Before Fantasy Suites

'Bachelor' Bob Guiney to Colton
Don't Bang Before Fantasy Suites ... Fans Will Turn on You!!!

Colton Underwood would be wise to keep it in his pants until he's down to 3 women on his season of "The Bachelor" ... so says one of the most promiscuous bachelors ever. We talked to Season 4's… READ MORE >

- 127 days ago
Colton Underwood Open to Losing V-Card on 'The Bachelor'

Colton Underwood
I'm Down for Losin' My V-Card ... On 'The Bachelor'

Virgin Colton Underwood's down to get down in the fantasy suite with all 3 finalists on "The Bachelor" ... should he reach that tipping point. Sources close to Colton tell TMZ ... the… READ MORE >

- 128 days ago
Virgin Colton Underwood Coming in Hot as the Next 'Bachelor'

Colton Underwood
Coming In Hot as the Next 'Bachelor'

Colton Underwood's in pure bliss, even though he's a virgin, because he's America's next 'Bachelor.' The big reveal came Tuesday morning on 'GMA' as Colton -- famous for choosing football over… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
'Bachelorette' Star Colton Underwood Works On His Shirtless Body In Venice Beach

Colton Underwood
How's it Hangin'!!!

Famed virgin Colton Underwood failed to get engaged on TV, but he's still holding onto the ring. The 'Bachelorette' star and ex-NFL stud hit up Venice Beach to sculpt his hot bod, which… READ MORE >

- 153 days ago
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