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Criss Angel

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Criss Angel was born on December 19, 1967 and raised in East Meadow, New York. He grew up loving music, playing the drums and always having an interest in magic. Two of his biggest magic influences are Harry Houdini and Richiardi Jr.. His father was also a big influence on him, especially after a long battle with cancer until his death in 1998. As a teenager, he performed as a magician at birthday parties, night clubs and private events. He got his pyrotechnics license at age 18. He also has a 7th degree black belt and a background in dance and gymnastics. Criss played in a band called "AngelDust" with friend Klay Scott, who produced and helped arranged his CD's and music for Criss' Mindfreak show. He performed in "World Of Illusion" at Madison Square Garden in 1998. Criss then scored a show on Broadway titled "Mindfreak", which ran up until Jan. 6, 2003 with almost 600 performances. He has had many television appearances and specials such as The Science of Magic (1997), The Science of Magic II (2003), the ABC Family special Criss Angel Mindfreak (2002), and the Sci-Fi channel's Criss Angel Supernatural (2003). He became a household name with the A&E channel Criss Angel Mindfreak (2005) television series airing every Wednesday night. Seasons 1 & 2 were filmed at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas with season 3 filmed at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Angel is the only magician to have won the Merlin Magician of the Year award twice: in 2001 and 2004. He holds the world records for longest time submerged underwater (24 hours), the longest body suspension (5 hours, 42 minutes), fastest time to perform the "Metamorphosis" illusion (under a second) and the fastest straight-jacket escape (2 minutes & 30 seconds). One of his favorite musicians is Korn and he is now a personal friend of Jonathan Davis, who has appeared on his television series.  See full bio on IMDb »

Criss Angel Floored by Make-A-Wish Honoring Son in Cancer Remission

Criss Angel
Touched By Make-A-Wish Honoring My Son Who Battled Leukemia

Criss Angel's mind was blown when he heard Make-A-Wish wanted to grant his son his ultimate fantasy after wrapping up cancer treatment. Criss tells us ... the Foundation granted… READ MORE >

Criss Angel's Kid And Mom Saw Him Pass Out (VIDEO)

Criss Angel
My Kid & My Mom Saw Me Pass Out

Criss Angel wasn't pulling a publicity stunt when he passed out during his straight jacket act and says the proof is in the audience. Criss told us his 82-year-old mom and his… READ MORE >

- 803 days ago
Criss Angel Rushed to ER After Magic Show Gone Wrong (UPDATE)

Criss Angel
Rushed to ER After Magic Show Gone Wrong (UPDATE)

6:15 PM PT -- We're told Criss will perform his Mindfreak Live! show tonight at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas as scheduled. However, it is still unclear if he will do the straight jacket… READ MORE >

- 805 days ago
Criss Angel -- I'm Feelin' the Magic With My Hot Latina Pop Star GF

Criss Angel
I'm Feelin' the Magic With My Hot Latina Pop Star GF

Criss Angel is doing a different type of levitating these days ... on cloud 9 with his new girlfriend, Latina pop star Belinda Peregrin. The two recently began dating and things are clearly… READ MORE >

- 917 days ago
Voila -- Criss Angel!!!

Criss Angel!!!

It's Criss Angel! We got clean cut Criss Monday night at his charity event in Vegas, where he lost the eyeliner ... and his long locks.  The event was for pediatric cancer research -- his… READ MORE >

- 984 days ago
Criss Angel -- Ex-Fiancee Sues ... You Screwed Me Over the Engagement Ring

Criss Angel
Ex-Fiancee Sues You Screwed Me Over the Ring

Criss Angel must be feeling like his ex-fiancee is a real life bad penny, because now she's suing to get the value of her engagement ring. Sandra Gonzalez snagged a 5 carat, $300k sparkler… READ MORE >

- 1249 days ago
Criss Angel -- 1,095 Is Magic Number in My Son's Cancer Fight (VIDEO)

Criss Angel
1,095 Is Magic Number ... For My Son's Cancer Fight

Criss Angel's trying to pull off something more impressive than any of his tricks -- he's on a $1 million mission, inspired by his toddler's battle with cancer.  Angel is using his fame to… READ MORE >

- 1261 days ago
Criss Angel -- My Ex Was a Girlfriend, NOT a Wife

Criss Angel
My Ex Was a Girlfriend, NOT a Wife

Criss Angel is aggressively going after his ex-girlfriend, saying she's trying to shake him down for a ton of money by claiming they essentially lived together as husband and wife.  Criss was… READ MORE >

- 1264 days ago
Criss Angel -- Secretly Married ... and a Father!!!

Criss Angel
Secretly Married!!! ... And a Father

Criss Angel wants you to believe he's single, but it's just an illusion because he's been married for nearly a year ... TMZ has learned.  According to a marriage certificate, Criss tied the… READ MORE >

- 1305 days ago
Criss Angel -- Is a Kardashian?

Criss Angel
Is a Kardashian?

Here's lovely Vegas magician Criss Angel at some event this weekend (left) -- and Kardashian mastermind Kris Jenner back in March (right).The resemblance is unbeweaveable.We're just sayin'. READ MORE >

- 2385 days ago
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