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Ice Cube

Rapper, actor, and producer O’Shea Jackson is better known by his stage name Ice Cube. He was born on June 15, 1969 in South Central Los Angeles to parents Hosea and Doris Jackson. He has an older brother and sadly his half-sister was killed at the age of 12. Ice Cube got into rapping as a teenager. After meeting Dr. Dre in 1983, he started working with him the following year. The Compton-based group N.W.A. consisting of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy-E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella formed and they released their debut album “Straight Outta Compton” in 1988. He split from the group in ’89 due to royalty disputes. Their story was turned into an Oscar-nominated film in 2015. Ice Cube served as a producer and his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. played him in the movie.

N.W.A. was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. Ice Cube has released several solo albums and has appeared in many movies, including “Boyz ’N the Hood,” “Friday,” “Anaconda,” “Three Kings,” “Barbershop,” “Are We There Yet?,” “21 Jump Street,” and “Ride Along.” He’s been married to wife Kimberly Woodruff  since 1992 and they have four children.

Ice Cube Thinks Lamar Odom Will Be BIG3 Comeback Player of the Year

Ice Cube
Expects Big Things From Lamar Odom ... With The BIG3

Ice Cube sees big things in store for Lamar Odom ... telling TMZ sports he thinks L.O. will return to glory in the BIG3 league this season.  Hours before the 2019 BIG3 Draft kicks off in Las… READ MORE >

Ice Cube Says Let's Honor Nipsey Hussle Every Possible Way

Ice Cube
Message to Nipsey Fans ... Keep Ya Head Up!!!

Ice Cube agrees ... there's absolutely no reason to delay immortalizing Nipsey Hussle on the streets of his hometown, and he also has a message for people feeling the loss. We… READ MORE >

- 50 days ago
Ice Cube Blasts Walt Frazier Over LeBron Comments, 'That's Bullsh*t'

Ice Cube
Defends LeBron ... Walt Frazier's Comments Are 'Bullsh*t'

You come at the king, you best not miss ... and Ice Cube thinks Walt Frazier missed HARD when saying LeBron James doesn't care about the Lakers ... telling TMZ Sports, "that's bullsh*t." Frazier… READ MORE >

- 68 days ago
Ice Cube, LL Cool J Get Billion Dollar Backing In Quest to Buy Sports TV Stations

Ice Cube, LL Cool J
Get Billion Dollar Backing In Quest to Buy Sports TV Stations

Ice Cube and LL Cool J just got major reinforcements in the pursuit of sports TV supremacy -- we're told they just secured several BILLION dollar commitments in their push to buy a group of… READ MORE >

- 92 days ago
Ice Cube Says LeBron Is Clutch, Just Not Like Jordan Or Kobe

Ice Cube
Scottie Pippen Is Wrong About LeBron ... But He's Right Too

Lakers super fan Ice Cube says Scottie Pippen is WRONG when he says LeBron James doesn't have the clutch gene ... but RIGHT when he says LBJ is no Michael Jordan ... or Kobe Bryant.… READ MORE >

- 98 days ago
Lamar Odom Officially Enters BIG3 Draft Pool

Lamar Odom
Officially Enters BIG3 Draft Pool

It's happening!!! Lamar Odom is finally getting his shot to join Ice Cube's BIG3 league. The troubled ex-NBA star has been campaigning for about 2 years to make his U.S. hoops comeback with… READ MORE >

- 107 days ago
Ice Cube Doesn't Want Carmelo In BIG3, Yet

Ice Cube
I Don't Want Carmelo In BIG3 ... Yet

Ice Cube is looking forward to the day Carmelo Anthony suits up for the BIG3 league, but says that shouldn't be for a long time, because he thinks 'Melo can still get it done in the NBA. The BIG3… READ MORE >

- 128 days ago
Lamar Odom 100% Gunning For BIG3 Glory, Says Kobe Ain't

Lamar Odom
I'm 100% Gunning For BIG3 Glory ... But Kobe Ain't

Lamar Odom says what you've heard is true ... he's coming for a BIG3 championship ... but if you think he's going to be doing it alongside his old Lakers teammate, Kobe Bryant, YOU'RE WRONG.… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
Ice Cube Hopes Lamar Odom Joins BIG3, 'He's Still Gotta Try Out'

Ice Cube
Hopes Lamar Odom Joins BIG3 ... 'He's Still Gotta Try Out'

Ice Cube is jacked up for Lamar Odom's dreams of a pro basketball comeback ... but he says there is a catch if the ex-Laker wants to make it in the BIG3 ... "He's still gotta try out like… READ MORE >

- 170 days ago
Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Draw Was 'Bulls**t' According to Ice Cube

Deontay Wilder v. Tyson Fury
That Fight Was 'Bulls**t!!!' Ice Cube Angry About Draw

Ice Cube's gotta say it was NOT a good day when Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury's heavyweight championship fight ended in a split decision draw -- in fact, Cube's straight up pissed. We got him… READ MORE >

- 174 days ago
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