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Jay Glazer

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Jay Glazer was born on December 26, 1969 in the USA. He is an actor, known for The Longest Yard (2005), The Game Plan (2007) and The After Party with Jay Glazer (2009). He has been married to Michelle Graci since June 25, 2006.

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Newlyweds Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt Do Separate Gym Sessions

Newlyweds Chris P & Kat S
Pilates Do the Body Good ... Even When We're Apart!!!

3:40 PM PT -- Jay Glazer ran into Pratt at the gym and congratulated him, and Chris used it as an excuse to show off his wedding ring as well. Pratt also had a very quick but interesting message… READ MORE >

Pro Boxer Beats Up 'Ballers' Star, Jay Glazer Throws In Towel

'Ballers' Star Carl McDowell
Beat Up By TMT Boxer ... Jay Glazer Throws In Towel

Here's video of one of the stars of HBO's "Ballers" being fed to the wolves by Jay Glazer ... and in this case the wolf is one of the best boxers in the world Ava Knight, who pounded the poor guy… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
Chris Pratt Hits Harder Than Randy Couture, Says Jay Glazer

Chris Pratt
Hits Harder Than Randy Couture ... Says Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer gets hit a lot at his MMA gym -- whether it's UFC stars or big name actors, dude gets beat up all the freakin' time ... but who hits the HARDEST?? Star-Lord!!!! That's right ... Chris… READ MORE >

- 80 days ago
Chris Pratt Walks MMA Fighter Into Cage, Goes Nuts After 76 Second Victory

Chris Pratt
Walks MMA Fighter Into Cage Goes Nuts After 76 Second Victory

Add another credit to Chris Pratt's resume -- MMA cornerman -- because the movie star was a part of fighter Adel "Kyokushin" Altamimi's fight team this weekend ... and THE GUY WON!!!… READ MORE >

- 142 days ago
Jay Glazer Shades Louisiana Senator, 'Talk About Damn Politics'

Jay Glazer
To Louisiana Senator ... 'Talk About Damn Politics'

It's crazy Louisiana senator Bill Cassidy took time Friday to blast the NFL on the floor of the Senate ... so says Jay Glazer, who tells TMZ Sports, "Talk about damn politics!" The blown… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
Wiz Khalifa Gets Boxing Lesson From Evander Holyfield, Real Deal Punches!

Wiz Khalifa
Boxing Lesson From Evander Holyfield ... Real Deal Punches!!!

You knew Wiz Khalifa could scrap in MMA ... but did you know he could box too??? It's true ... at least, now it is -- after the rapper got a private, 1-on-1 fighting lesson from Evander… READ MORE >

- 189 days ago
Randy Couture to Demi Lovato, 'We're Here to Help'

Randy Couture
To Demi Lovato We're Not Giving Up On You

Randy Couture and his wife have a message for their friend, Demi Lovato -- "We love Demi and we're going to do whatever we can to help." Couture has been helping Lovato train at Jay Glazer's… READ MORE >

- 329 days ago
Jay Glazer to Terrell Owens, Hall Of Fame Isn't Just About You

Jay Glazer
To Terrell Owens: HOF Isn't Just About You

Jay Glazer just sounded off about Terrell Owens' decision to not have his Hall of Fame ceremony in Canton ... telling TMZ Sports the move is kinda selfish. We got Jay leaving Craig's on… READ MORE >

- 336 days ago
Wiz Khalifa Has 'Zero Chance' to Win Real UFC Fight, Says Sean O'Malley

UFC's Sean O'Malley
I Love Wiz Khalifa, But ... You'd Get Wrecked In UFC

Some real talk from UFC rising star Sean O'Malley ... who tells TMZ Sports he's a BIG fan of Wiz Khalifa, but knows the dude would get crushed if he took a real UFC fight.  Remember, Wiz has… READ MORE >

- 371 days ago
Wiz Khalifa Says He'd Take Real MMA Fight If the Money's Right

Wiz Khalifa
I'd Take Real MMA Fight If the Money's Right!

Wiz Khalifa says he completely AGREES with Jay Glazer ... that he's good enough to take a pro MMA fight if he wanted to.  There's just one catch ... HE NEEDS A CRAPLOAD OF MONEY! Earlier… READ MORE >

- 401 days ago
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