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Joe Flacco

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Joe Flacco was born on January 16, 1985 in Audubon, New Jersey, USA as Joseph Vincent Flacco. He has been married to Dana Grady since June 25, 2011. They have one child.  See full bio on IMDb »

Elvis Dumervil Says Broncos Trade Is Desperate, Flacco Ain't Manning!!

Elvis Dumervil
Broncos Trade Is Desperate ... Flacco Ain't Manning!!

John Elway made a desperate move trading for Joe Flacco ... and it could end up being a HUGE mistake -- so says Elvis Dumervil, who tells TMZ Sports, "Flacco is no Peyton Manning." Elway took a… READ MORE >

Terrell Davis Praises John Elway for Joe Flacco Move, 'You're Being Aggressive!'

Terrell Davis
Praises Elway for Joe Flacco Move 'You're Being Aggressive!'

Broncos legend Terrell Davis says he's FIRED UP about John Elway's decision to bring Joe Flacco to Denver -- telling TMZ Sports, "I like the move because you're being aggressive." The Hall of… READ MORE >

- 123 days ago
Ed Reed Says Ravens Are Lamar Jackson's Team, Flacco Should Go To Jags!

Ed Reed
Ravens Are Lamar's Team Flacco Should Go To Jaguars!

  Ed Reed sees no QB controversy in Baltimore -- he says the Ravens are Lamar Jackson's team now -- but he does think Joe Flacco needs a new home. "Flacco might be in Jacksonville, man, if he… READ MORE >

- 127 days ago
Jamal Lewis Says Pocket QBs Are Dying, Lamar Jackson Is NFL's Future!

Jamal Lewis
Pocket QBs Are Dying ... Lamar Jackson Is NFL's Future!

Want a glimpse into what the NFL will look like in a few years?? Take a look at the Ravens when No. 8 is on the field ... 'cause Baltimore legend Jamal Lewis tells TMZ Sports Lamar Jackson… READ MORE >

- 270 days ago
Michael Irvin Says He's Not Going To Fight Steve Smith, But I Ain't Backing Down!

Michael Irvin
I'm Not Gonna Fight Steve Smith ... But I Ain't Backing Down!

Everyone wants to know ... did Michael Irvin and Steve Smith throw fists after their heated smack talk session on "NFL Network" Thursday night??? Michael tells TMZ Sports ... when the cameras… READ MORE >

- 275 days ago
Robert Griffin III Ready for Ravens QB Battle, 'I'm Working Hard'

Robert Griffin III
Ready for Ravens QB Battle ... 'I'm Working Hard'

RG3 doesn't seem too worried about fighting for a job against Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson -- telling TMZ Sports he's got no fear when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens' upcoming QB… READ MORE >

- 341 days ago
Ex-Ravens Pro Bowler: I Would've Gone After Kiko Alonso For Dirty Hit on Flacco

Ex-Ravens Pro Bowler
I Would've Ran After Alonso ... For 'Dirty Hit' on Flacco

Joe Flacco's old teammate says he would've gotten payback on Kiko Alonso for his hard hit that resulted in the QB's concussion ... telling TMZ Sports he "would've ran after" the Dolphins LB… READ MORE >

- 597 days ago
Donald Trump -- Bummed About Tony Romo ... But STOKED for Tom Brady! (VIDEO)

Donald Trump
Bummed About Tony Romo ... But STOKED for Brady!

Donald Trump just pointed out ... Tom Brady endorsed him for president -- and now happens to be having a STELLER season. Coincidence? Trump thinks not.  Trump just took on some NFL questions… READ MORE >

- 1364 days ago
NFL Star Joe Flacco -- Jabs President Over Name Screw Up... 'It's Franco, not Flacco!'

Joe Flacco
Jabs Prez Over Name Screw Up ... 'It's Franco, not Flacco!'

Listen up, President Obama ... Joe Flacco wants to make sure you know he's never been in "127 Hours" or "Spring Breakers" ... and he's definitely not the co-star of "The Interview."POTUS made a… READ MORE >

- 1640 days ago
Joe Flacco -- I Might Make $121 Million ... But I Still Ride the Bus

Joe Flacco
I Might Make $121 Mil ... But I Still Ride the Bus

When Joe Flacco touched down at BWI airport near Baltimore this weekend ... there was no fancy limo waiting for him ... no chauffeur ... just a regular bus to the regular person parking lot ...… READ MORE >

- 2288 days ago
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