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Lil Xan

Lil Xan's Photo Shoot Gun Looks Similar to Weapon in Gas Station Incident

Lil Xan
Brings Gun to Photo Shoot ... Same Weapon From Gas Station Argument?!?

The firearm that has Lil Xan under investigation currently by the LAPD ... looks very similar to a handgun he whipped out -- suddenly and unexpectedly -- during a photo shoot. We've… READ MORE >

Lil Xan Under Investigation for Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Lil Xan
Under Investigation ... For Assault with Deadly Weapon

Lil Xan can claim he pulled a gun on a stranger in self-defense, but right now cops are looking at the incident as a possible case of assault with a deadly weapon.  Law enforcement… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
Lil Xan Pulls Gun on Man Taunting Him About Tupac 'Boring' Remark

Lil Xan
Pulls Handgun on Man During Tupac Argument!!!

Lil Xan whipped out a handgun and pointed it at a man who demanded to know why the rapper once called Tupac "boring" ... and now LAPD is investigating. TMZ obtained this video of the altercation… READ MORE >

- 17 days ago
Lil Xan's Girlfriend/Fiancee Suffers  Miscarriage

Lil Xan
Fiancee Suffers Miscarriage

Lil Xan's girlfriend/fiancee has suffered a miscarriage. Annie Smith revealed she and Xan lost the baby, saying, "Today I feel a hurt I never knew existed. A pain that comes from my soul. To… READ MORE >

- 79 days ago
Lil Xan Says GF Only 5 Weeks Pregnant, But They Couldn't Wait to Announce

Lil Xan
GF Only 5 Weeks Preggo ... We're Really Hoping for a Boy!!!

Lil Xan and his GF refuse to bow to old traditions ... which is why they announced she's expecting their first child, even though she's only 5 weeks pregnant. The rapper and Annie… READ MORE >

- 126 days ago
Tekashi 6ix9ine, Chyna & Lil Xan Release New Music for Pornhub's V-Day Album

6ix9ine, Blac Chyna & Lil Xan
You'll Love Our Pornhub Album ... It's a V-Day Banger!!!

Welcome to Valentine's Day 2019 -- where Pornhub wants to help you get lucky by getting some of your favorite artists together on one album for one theme ... love, baby!!! Pornhub is releasing a… READ MORE >

- 132 days ago
Lil Xan Gun Threat from St. Louis Rapper: Criminal Investigation Closed

Lil Xan
St. Louis Gun Threat ... Criminal Investigation Closed

Lil Xan has one less thing to stress about as he completes rehab treatments ... because we've learned Xan and the St. Louis rapper who threatened him with gun violence are putting their beef… READ MORE >

- 174 days ago
Lil Xan Kicked Out of Airbnb in Palm Springs, After Leaving Rehab Facility

Lil Xan
Kicked Out Of Vacation Home ... After Leaving Rehab Facility

Lil Xan is having a terrible go after leaving a rehab facility to continue treatment at home ... but his issues have nothing to do with a relapse.  We've learned Xan is having… READ MORE >

- 190 days ago
Lil Xan Left Rehab for a Day to Buy a New House

Lil Xan
Checked Out of Rehab for a Day To Lock Down New House

Lil Xan briefly left his rehab facility to prepare for his post-rehab living arrangements ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to the rapper tell us ... Lil Xan left rehab Saturday in order to… READ MORE >

- 197 days ago
Lil Xan Just Got Admitted Into First Rehab Treatment, Girlfriend Says

Lil Xan
Checks Himself into Rehab

Lil Xan has just checked himself into rehab. The rapper's girlfriend, Annie, posted Sunday on Xan's Instagram account "Diego was just admitted into his first treatment." She went on to say,… READ MORE >

- 205 days ago
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