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Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham Reads 'Trump is a F***ing Idiot' Text During Barr Hearing

Sen. Lindsey Graham
'Trump is a F***ing Idiot' ... FBI Staffer's Words, Not Mine

Lindsey Graham just provided some major viral content at William Barr's Senate Judiciary hearing on the Mueller report, by saying out loud -- and uncensored -- "Trump is a f***ing idiot." The… READ MORE >

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Clemson Win Could End Govt. Shutdown

Sen. Lindsey Graham
Clemson Win Could End Govt. Shutdown

Sen. Lindsey Graham is in such a good mood after his home state Clemson Tigers won the national championship ... he's inviting Democrats to call him up to make a deal to end the shutdown! … READ MORE >

- 168 days ago
Sen. Lindsey Graham Responds to Chelsea Handler's Horrible 'Coming Out' Tweet

Sen. Lindsey Graham
Chelsea Handler Can Say Whatever She Wants ... I'm Not Gay

Lindsey Graham is going high in response to Chelsea Handler going low ... after she claimed to out him on Twitter. We got the Senator from South Carolina Friday at Reagan… READ MORE >

- 256 days ago
Lindsey Graham Says Liberals Will Jump Out of Buildings if Trump Wins Peace Prize

Lindsey Graham
If Trump Wins Peace Prize Get Safety Nets for the Libs!!!

Lindsey Graham says President Trump might not be deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize just yet, but if he wins it anyway ... liberals are going to lose it. We got the South Carolina Senator on… READ MORE >

- 264 days ago
Lindsey Graham Says Kaepernick, Trump Summit Could 'Bring the Country Together'

Lindsey Graham
Supports Kaep, Trump Summit Could 'Bring the Country Together'

Senator Lindsey Graham says he LOVES Kanye West's idea of bringing Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump together ... explaining, "I want to watch football without feeling guilty about it." And get… READ MORE >

- 267 days ago
John McCain's Widow Says He Had Good Reason to Dislike Donald Trump

John McCain's Widow
He Had Good Reason to Dislike Trump ... Pours Water On Graham's Hot Take

John McCain's wife gracefully shut down Senator Lindsey Graham's assertion McCain would have grown to like Donald Trump if the two had spent more time together. We caught up with Cindy McCain… READ MORE >

- 281 days ago
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