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Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio's Stoked For Josh Rosen, Best Dolphins QB Since Dan Marino!

Marco Rubio
Stoked For Rosen Best Dolphins QB Since Dan Marino!

Marco Rubio is PUMPED Miami traded for Josh Rosen ... telling TMZ Sports the former Arizona Cardinal is now the best QB the Dolphins have had in TWO DECADES!!! "He's the most talented passer… READ MORE >

Sen. Marco Rubio Believes Joe Biden is Victim of Well-Timed Political Hit

Marco Rubio
Biden Claims Are a Political Hit!!! Par for the Campaign Trail

Sen. Marco Rubio says the allegations against Joe Biden -- ahead of his anticipated presidential run -- are nothing new in D.C., and he's suggesting the whole thing is Dirty Politics 101. We… READ MORE >

- 86 days ago
Marco Rubio Blasts 'Stupid' FSU Fan Over Racist Willie Taggart Image

Sen. Marco Rubio
Blasts 'Stupid' FSU Fan ... Over Racist Willie Taggart Image

Marco Rubio says the person who posted the racist image of Florida State football coach Willie Taggart is an "idiot" ... not just because it's a hateful act, but because Taggart's… READ MORE >

- 212 days ago
Marco Rubio Drowned Out by Protesters While Talking Brett Kavanaugh

Marco Rubio
Drowned Out by Protesters ... Talking Brett Kavanaugh

Marco Rubio had a hard time getting his message out about Brett Kavanaugh while a mob of protesters gave him, and every other Senator, an earful. We got the Florida Senator at the… READ MORE >

- 265 days ago
Sen. Marco Rubio Squares Off with 'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones

Sen. Marco Rubio
Squares Off with Alex Jones ... 'I'll Take Care of You Myself'

Sen. Marco Rubio and "InfoWars" host Alex Jones got right up in each other's faces outside a Senate hearing ... and Rubio threatened to open a can o' whoop ass on Jones. The toe-to-toe showdown… READ MORE >

- 295 days ago
Marco Rubio to NFL Players: Keep Politics Out Of Football

Marco Rubio
To NFL Players: Keep Politics Out Of Football

Marco Rubio wants to watch the NFL on Sundays and not be reminded about politics ... but, right now, he says he's upset he can't -- telling TMZ Sports, "I wish sports were just about sports." The… READ MORE >

- 339 days ago
Sen. Marco Rubio says Vladimir Putin Definitely Kills His Opponents

Sen. Marco Rubio
Vladimir Putin Kills His Enemies, Duh!!!

Marco Rubio doesn't need convincing Vladimir Putin kills his opponents ... he says it's obvious. We got the Senator from Florida in D.C. Tuesday to get his take on Putin… READ MORE >

- 344 days ago
Marco Rubio Defends Colin Kaepernick, Belongs In the NFL

Marco Rubio
Defends Colin Kaepernick ... Belongs In the NFL

Sen. Marco Rubio is once again breaking from Donald Trump ... defending Colin Kaepernick's right to protest and telling TMZ Sports why he absolutely SHOULD be on an NFL roster.  "Look, I… READ MORE >

- 401 days ago
Marco Rubio Says Univ. of Florida Screwed Black Grads During Ceremony

Marco Rubio
Blocking Black Grads from Celebrating Onstage ... Such a Bad Look for My Alma Mater!!!

Marco Rubio can only shake his head after the Univ. of Florida made headlines for shoving black grads off the stage when they tried to celebrate -- and says his alma mater needs some… READ MORE >

- 415 days ago
Marco Rubio Confirms Kanye West Can Be Next Speaker of the House, But ...

Marco Rubio
Anyone Can Be Next House Speaker ... Even You, Kanye!!!

Sen. Marco Rubio is shedding some light on a little known fact about the position of Speaker of the House -- and no offense to Paul Ryan, but any Joe Schmo can do it! Even Kanye… READ MORE >

- 440 days ago
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