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Mr. T.

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Burt Lancaster, one of five children, was born in Manhattan, to Elizabeth (Roberts) and James Henry Lancaster, a postal worker. All of his grandparents were immigrants from Northern Ireland. He was a tough street kid who took an early interest in gymnastics. He joined the circus as an acrobat and worked there until he was injured. It was in the Army during WW II that he was introduced to the USO and acting. His first film was The Killers (1946), and that made him a star. He was a self-taught actor who learned the business as he went along. He set up his own production company in 1948 with Harold Hecht and James Hill to direct his career. He played many different roles in pictures as varied as The Crimson Pirate (1952), From Here to Eternity (1953), Elmer Gantry (1960) and Atlantic City (1980). His production company, Hecht-Hill-Lancaster, produced such films as Paddy Chayefsky's Marty (1955) (Oscar winner 1955) and The Catered Affair (1956). In the 1980s he appeared as a supporting player in a number of movies, such as Local Hero (1983) and Field of Dreams (1989). However, it will be the sound of his voice, the way that he laughed, and the larger-than-life characters he played that will always be remembered.  See full bio on IMDb »

Mr. T Chats with Cub Scouts and Gives Them Talking Mr. T Keychain

Mr. T
From One Scout to Another ...

Mr. T can talk shop with anyone, but especially Cub Scouts ... because he used to be in the Bear Patrol!!! The legendary actor was at a Ralphs store in Sherman Oaks, CA Saturday, where a couple… READ MORE >

Mr. T Says Bodyguards Aren't Supposed to Know How to Dance (VIDEO)

Mr. T
If Your Bodyguard Can Dance, Fire Him!

Mr. T damn near popped a vein breaking down why bodyguards aren't supposed to know how to dance ... which only fired us up more to watch him on "Dancing with the Stars." We got the… READ MORE >

- 747 days ago
Mr. T -- Muhammad Ali Was A Hood Superman ... Stopped Real Crime (VIDEO)

Mr. T
Muhammad Ali Was Hood Superman ... Stopped Real Crime

Forget Iron Man and Captain America ... Mr. T says there's a real life superhero among us ... Muhammad Ali ... 'cause T claims he witnessed Ali actually stop crimes in rough neighborhoods. READ MORE >

- 1023 days ago
Mr. T -- Hey Fool ... Don't Fall Off The Rope! (VIDEO)

Mr. T
Hey Fool ... Don't Fall Off The Rope!

Mr. T was pure gold bullying tightrope walker Nik Wallenda, but the tables quickly turned on T himself when he was challenged to take the wire. The pair was in NYC on Tuesday for… READ MORE >

- 1036 days ago
Mr. T -- Floatin' Like A Butterfly (PHOTOS)

Mr. T
Floatin' Like A Butterfly

Mr. T finally found a new accessory for his mohawk and all those chains ... butterfly wings. T was spotted out in Westwood Friday sporting the new look ... he's holdin a bottle of Fuze iced tea… READ MORE >

- 1039 days ago
Mr. T -- I Pity the Fool Who Don't Get Fried Chicken

Mr. T
I Pity the Fool ... Who Don't Eat Fried Chicken

Mr. T has poultry priorities ... which is why he made sure to visit a fried chicken staple in New Orleans Friday -- and he came bearing gifts. The folks at Willie Mae's Scotch House tell us the… READ MORE >

- 1808 days ago
Mr. T -- To Be Inducted In WWE Hall of Fame, Fool

Mr. T
To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame, Fool

Mr. T pities anybody who isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame ... because after playing a pivotal role in launching WrestleMania 30 years ago -- the 80s star is finally getting his due.Vince McMahon… READ MORE >

- 1828 days ago
Mini T. -- 'Fool, I Ain't No Leprechaun'

Mini T.
'Fool, I Ain't No Leprechaun'

Mr. T.'s pint-sized impersonator, Mini T., says he is NOT available for your St. Patrick's Day party because he's no leprechaun! Besides that ... what's up with renting little people,… READ MORE >

- 2933 days ago
Kanye West -- I Pity the Fool

Kanye West
I Pity the Fool

Here's Kanye West at some event in Tokyo on Friday (left) -- and former "A-Team" star Mr.T back in the '80s (right).I ain't sayin' he's a gold digger. READ MORE >

- 3084 days ago
Faceman from 'The A-Team': Memba Him?!

Faceman from 'The A-Team':
Memba Him?!

Dirk Benedict is best known for his character Lt. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck in the "80s shoot 'em up "The A-Team." Guess what he looks like now! READ MORE >

- 3558 days ago
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