Mr. T From One Scout to Another ...

9/15/2018 2:00 PM PDT

Mr. T Chats with Cub Scouts and Gives Them Talking Mr. T Keychain


Mr. T can talk shop with anyone, but especially Cub Scouts ... because he used to be in the Bear Patrol!!!

The legendary actor was at a Ralphs store in Sherman Oaks, CA Saturday, where a couple young Scouts were raising money for their pack. T chatted 'em up about being honorable and kind, doing good deeds ... and the 3 types of poison in the woods.

But, the bonus treat was when he went to his car and got the boys their very own Mr. T In Your Pocket toy ... a keychain that plays all of his notable sayings. No pity necessary for these kids!

We're told he also donated $100 ... and gave them a proper salute before he left. The Cub Scouts, obviously, were stoked.

Time to add a Mr. T badge.