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Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul Awarded $580k in Damages Over Neighbor Attack

Sen. Rand Paul
Jury Awards Him $580,000 ... In Neighbor Attack Lawsuit

Sen. Rand Paul was just awarded over a half a mil, 'cause he won his lawsuit against his neighbor who beat him up ... and came up big in damages. The Kentucky U.S. senator was awarded… READ MORE >

Sen. Rand Paul Sues Neighbor Who Assaulted Him at Kentucky Home

Sen. Rand Paul
Sues Neighbor Who Assaulted Him

Sen. Rand Paul is suing the neighbor who pummeled him outside his own home. The Kentucky Senator is suing Rene Boucher for physical pain and mental suffering after Boucher… READ MORE >

- 357 days ago
Ted Cruz Gives Nancy Pelosi Advice on Record-Long Marathon Speeches

Ted Cruz
Pelosi Shoulda Done This ... Before Marathon House Speech

Nancy Pelosi's record-setting speech in the House of Representatives probably would've gone longer if she'd consulted with the modern-day king of filibusters ... Ted Cruz. We got the Senator… READ MORE >

- 495 days ago
Senator Rand Paul Assaulted at His Kentucky Home, Suffers Broken Ribs (UPDATE)

Sen. Rand Paul
Assaulted at Home in Kentucky ... Suffers Broken Ribs

7:11 PM PT -- Rand Paul suffered five broken ribs, 3 of which are either partly or completely cracked, from this weekend's attack ... according to his Chief of Staff Doug Stafford. Rand Paul was… READ MORE >

- 591 days ago
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