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Ron Jeremy

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Since the demise of the legendary John Holmes in March 1988, the short, mustachioed, heavyset Ron Jeremy has assumed the mantle as the number one U.S. male star of adult cinema. However, don't confuse Ron with the similar looking mustachioed 1970/'80s adult film star, Harry Reems, who has long since retired from the adult film industry. Portly Ron is not blessed with film star looks and a chiseled six-pack (a decidedly unchiseled 12- or 18-pack would be more like it) - his appeal and talents lie in other areas (which happen to be in his long 'member' measuring nearly 10 inches, erect!) and his "regular guy" appearance and amazing endurance in front of the camera have undoubtedly contributed to his phenomenal success in an industry notorious for dumping those men who can't perform on cue. He's also one of the very few adult film stars to make the jump into mainstream cinema, with minor appearances in movies such as Reindeer Games (2000), Detroit Rock City (1999) and The Boondock Saints (1999). He was born Ron Jeremy Hyatt on March 12, 1953, in New York City and graduated from Cardozo High School (Queens, NY) in 1971, attained a masters degree from Queens College and then commenced special educational teaching in the New York City area. In 1978, a girlfriend sent his photo off to "Playgirl" magazine for appearance in its "Boy Next Door" pages. It was an understatement to say that Ron was deluged with female fan mail, and letters of interest from adult filmmakers! Beginning in 1979, he has appeared in well over 800 adult feature films including Inside Seka (1981), Debbie Does Dallas Part II (1981), Terms of Endowment (1986) Lust of Blackula (1987), 21 Hump Street (1988) and Natural Born Thrillers (1994). At 50+ years of age, the charismatic and often comedic Ron Jeremy is still appearing in front of the camera in adult films and he's definitely attained iconic status in the adult entertainment industry and beyond.  See full bio on IMDb »

Ron Jeremy Signs Boobs & Gives Eulogy at Dennis Hof's Memorial Service

Ron Jeremy
Signs Boobs After Giving Eulogy ... At Dennis Hof's Memorial

Ron Jeremy got right back to his usual shtick after giving a speech memorializing his late pal and Bunny Ranch owner, Dennis Hof ... signing cleavage and cheesin' with fans. The legendary… READ MORE >

Ron Jeremy Talks Finding Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Dead in Bed

Ron Jeremy on Dennis Hof
He Probably Died in the Saddle ... No Fun Finding Him Though

Ron Jeremy says he's pretty sure his good friend, Dennis Hof, died a happy death ... but discovering his body was definitely tough. We got Ron Monday night on the Sunset Strip in front… READ MORE >

- 91 days ago
Dennis Hof Was Healthy Leading Up to Death, No Drugs Found at the Scene

Dennis Hof
No Drugs Found at Death Scene ... Was Healthy Weeks Before

Dennis Hof was the picture of health before his untimely death, and there are no obvious signs he was under the influence when he died ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us no drugs… READ MORE >

- 97 days ago
Ron Jeremy Sued for Sexual Assault and Battery in Washington State

Ron Jeremy
Sued for Sexual Assault & Battery ... In Washington State

Ron Jeremy is being called out again for allegedly committing sexual assault on a woman in Washington State, only this time he's going to civil court ... TMZ has learned. The former porn star just… READ MORE >

- 210 days ago
Ron Jeremy Alleged Sexual Battery Case Turned Over to D.A.

Ron Jeremy
Sexual Battery Case Turned Over to D.A.

Porn legend Ron Jeremy is being accused of sexual battery, and the L.A. County District Attorney is reviewing the case ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us the Sheriff's Department… READ MORE >

- 286 days ago
Ron Jeremy Off the Hook in Sexual Assault Case

Ron Jeremy
Off the Hook in Sexual Assault Case

Ron Jeremy's in the clear for a sexual assault case in Washington State ... TMZ has learned. A rep with the Tacoma City Attorney's Office tells TMZ ... Ron won't face any criminal charges after a… READ MORE >

- 303 days ago
Ron Jeremy Calls B.S. On Ric Flair: 10K Chicks Is Impossible

Ron Jeremy
Calls B.S. On Ric Flair 10K Chicks is Impossible!!

Porn legend Ron Jeremy says there's NO WAY Ric Flair banged more than 10,000 chicks ... telling TMZ Sports, in his opinion, it just ain't possible. Jeremy knows a little something about ... um,… READ MORE >

- 483 days ago
Ron Jeremy -- Hits Pedestrian, Cops Investigate (PHOTO)

Ron Jeremy
Hits Pedestrian ... Cops Investigate

Porn legend Ron Jeremy busted a left turn while driving through Bev Hills, but failed to see a guy crossing the street and hit him -- now cops are on the case ... TMZ has learned. It all went… READ MORE >

- 845 days ago
Alek Skarlatos -- Lands Film Role ... Alongside Ron Jeremy

Alek Skarlatos
Lands Film Role ... Alongside Ron Jeremy

Hollywood can't get enough of Paris train hero Alek Skarlatos because he's landed himself a movie deal alongside porn legend Ron Jeremy ... but it's not the type of film role everyone's… READ MORE >

- 1163 days ago
Ron Jeremy -- Gets His Car Impounded ... No License, No Ride

Ron Jeremy
Car Impounded No License, No Ride

Ron Jeremy's night could have been a lot worse -- because it turned out he was NOT driving drunk ... however he was driving without a California license, so he got his car impounded. The porn… READ MORE >

- 1602 days ago
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