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Scott Stapp

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Scott was born Anthony Scott Flippen. Desperate to seek freedom from a strict religious life, he sneaked out of his home in the dead of night. He went to a friend's house and stayed for a month before returning home. When punished as a child, Scott would be forced to copy the Bible. Later, he tried to impress his dad by attending Lee University in Tennessee. He was caught smoking marijuana and was expelled. Stapp then moved to Tallahassee because Jon Morrison (of _The Doors) had once attended school there. Stapp reconnected ties with his old friend, Mark Tremonti, jamming on a guitar. In 1995, they formed a band with drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall. Their original name was "Naked Toddler", they however changed it to Creed, at the suggestion of Brian Marshall. In September 2000, Marshall left Creed. Creed's highest selling album is "Human Clay" and is certified diamond by the RIAA. Creed officially folded on June 4, 2004. The other members of the band reunited and formed a new band, "Alter Bridge". Stapp cites The Doors, particularly Jim Morrison, as one of his principal musical influences, and performed with the surviving members of the band for a televised concert in 1999. After this, Stapp also performed with the band, again, on "Stoned Immaculate: The Music of the Doors" tribute album. Stapp lives in Miami with wife, Jaclyn Stapp. After leaving Creed, Scott pursued a solo career and his first album, "The Great Divide", was released in 2005. Prior to this, Stapp contributed a song to the "The Passion of the Christ: Songs" album. In December of 2008, Stapp met with Mark Tremonti at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida and a reconciliation took place. They soon got together with drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall, where they all agreed to put past differences aside and reunite as Creed. After months of speculation, on April 27, 2009, Creed officially confirmed their reunion on their website. A new album and US tour was announced. The tour runs from Aug. 6 - Oct. 14, 2009. The new album, titled "Full Circle", is set to be released on Oct. 27, 2009.

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Scott Stapp Says it Wasn't a Suicide Attempt, But T.I. Did Save Him After an Accident

Scott Stapp
I Didn't Try To Kill Myself!!! But, T.I. DID Help Save Me

Scott Stapp admits he might not be alive today if it wasn't for T.I. being in the right place at the right time, but denies the rapper's claim he was suicidal.  We got the… READ MORE >

Scott Stapp Huddles Family, Concert Crowd for Cool Gender Reveal

Scott Stapp
Austin, What Say You: ... BOY OR GIRL?!?!

Scott Stapp's proof even rock stars are softies ... just look at his awesome gender reveal. The ex-Creed frontman was performing at the 13th annual Bat Fest in Austin where he decided it was the… READ MORE >

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Scott Stapp -- Rents Scott Weiland's Death Bus

Scott Stapp
Rents Weiland's Death Bus

Scott Stapp got a creepy surprise right after starting his latest tour when he accidentally found out he was cruising around on the very bus where Scott Weiland recently died. The ex… READ MORE >

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Scott Stapp -- Amazing Recovery After Drug/Alcohol-Fueled Meltdown (VIDEO)

Scott Stapp
Amazing Recovery After Drug/Alcohol-Fueled Meltdown

Scott Stapp looks incredible after a stint in rehab following one of the most bizarre meltdowns in recent memory. The Creed frontman and wife Jaclyn breezed into LAX Friday, and we're blown away… READ MORE >

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Creed's Scott Stapp -- Shocking Audio of a Crumbling Man

Creed's Scott Stapp
Shocking Audio of a Crumbling Man

Scott Stapp is circling the drain ... it's incredibly sad and extremely evident from 4 recent recordings  which show the desperation of the former Creed frontman. Clip #1 Stapp made a… READ MORE >

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Creed's Scott Stapp -- Loses Custody of Children

Creed's Scott Stapp
Loses Custody of Kids

Scott Stapp's downward spiral continues ... he has lost custody of his 3 kids.A Florida judge has ruled ... the former Creed frontman's soon-to-be ex-wife Jaclyn will have sole legal and physical… READ MORE >

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Scott Stapp ... Relatives Panic -- He's Out to Kill Obama (911 Tape)

Scott Stapp
Relatives Panic He's Out to Kill Obama [911 Tape]

Scott Stapp threatened to assassinate President Obama ... and his alarmed wife and sister-in-law made a desperate 911 call to stop him.  Scott had just gone AWOL from a mental facility late… READ MORE >

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Scott Stapp -- Wife Wants Psych Hold for 60 Days ... He's Trying to Detox Self

Scott Stapp
Wife Wants 60-Day Psych Hold He's Trying to Detox Himself

Scott Stapp is irrational, incoherent, delusional, psychotic, dangerous and needs to be involuntarily committed to a mental facility again and he's in great danger because he's trying to detox… READ MORE >

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Scott Stapp -- Placed on Psych Hold ... Fears ISIS Attack Against His Kid

Scott Stapp
Placed on Psych Hold Fears ISIS Attack Against His Kid

Creed frontman Scott Stapp was placed on a psych hold after cops say he had drug-fueled paranoid delusions he's a marked man, and his wife says he hears voices and worries his kid will… READ MORE >

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Creed Singer Scott Stapp -- Publicly Criticizing Obama Caused My Downfall

Creed's Scott Stapp
Criticizing Obama Caused My Downfall

Scott Stapp believes President Obama sic'd the IRS on him as revenge for pot shots he took at the prez during a 2012 interview -- which is why he's damn near broke now. The former Creed front… READ MORE >

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