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Shirley Jones

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Named after child star Shirley Temple, Shirley Jones started singing at the age of six. She started formal training at the age of 12 and would dream of singing with her idol, Gordon MacRae. Upon graduating from high school, Shirley went to New York to audition for the casting director of Rodgers & Hammerstein. Taken by Shirley's beautifully trained voice, Shirley was signed as a nurse in the Broadway production of "South Pacific". Within a year, she would be in Hollywood to appear in her first film Oklahoma! (1955) as Laurey, the farm girl in love with cowboy Gordon MacRae. Oklahoma! (1955) would be filmed in CinemaScope and Todd-AO wide-screen and would take a year to shoot. After that, Shirley returned to Broadway for the stage production of "Oklahoma!" before returning to Hollywood for Carousel (1956). But by this time, musicals were a dying art and she would have a few lean years. She would work on television in programs like Playhouse 90 (1956). With a screen image comparable to peaches-n-cream, Shirley wanted a darker role to change her image. In 1960, she would be cast as the vengeful prostitute in the Richard Brooks dramatic film Elmer Gantry (1960). With a brilliant performance against an equally brilliant Burt Lancaster, Shirley would win the Oscar for Supporting Actress. But the public wanted the good Shirley so she was cast as "Marion", the librarian, in the successful musical The Music Man (1962). Robert Preston had played the role on Broadway and his performance along with Shirley was magic. Shirley would again work with little Ron Howard in The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963). But the movies changed in the 60's and Shirley's image did not fit so she would see her movie career stop in 1965. There were always nightclubs, but Shirley would be remembered by another generation as "Shirley Partridge" in the television series The Partridge Family (1970). While the success of the show would do more for her stepson, teen idol David Cassidy, it would keep her name and face in the public view for the four years that the series ran. The show still plays in reruns. After the show ended, Shirley would spend the rest of the 70's in the land of television movies. The television movie The Lives of Jenny Dolan (1975) would be made as a pilot for a series that was not picked up. In 1979, Shirley appeared in a comedy show called Shirley (1979), but the show lasted only one season. Shirley would appear infrequently in the 80's and in video's extolling fitness and beauty at the end of the decade.  See full bio on IMDb »

Marty Ingels -- 60s TV Legend Dies After Suffering Stroke

Marty Ingels
60s TV Legend Dies After Suffering Stroke

Marty Ingels, the star of dozens of TV sitcoms in the 1960s ... and the husband of Shirley Jones has died after suffering a massive stroke. He was 79 years old. Ingels passed away Wednesday at the… READ MORE >

Shirley Jones -- XXX Proposition Went Down ... No Matter What Joan Collins Says

Shirley Jones
XXX Proposition Went Down No Matter What Joan Says

Shirley Jones is sticking to her orgy guns -- insisting Joan Collins' ex did proposition a foursome way back in the 60s ... even though the story's being yanked from Shirley's book.As TMZ first… READ MORE >

- 2056 days ago
Shirley Jones' 4-Way Porn Story Is Bogus -- Publisher Cutting It from Book

Shirley Jones
XXX 4-Way Story's Bogus ... Publisher Cutting from Book

That was fast ... Joan Collins has successfully convinced Shirley Jones' publisher that she did NOT nearly have a 4-way orgy with Shirley and their two husbands back in the ''60s -- despite claims… READ MORE >

- 2057 days ago
Joan Collins to Shirley Jones -- You're LYING!!! I'm Not Into 4-Ways

Joan Collins to Shirley Jones
You're LYING!!! I'm Not Into 4-Ways

80-year-old Hollywood legend Joan Collins is livid at fellow icon Shirley Jones, insisting she's NOT some porn-watching swinger pervert and never was -- despite claims in Shirley's new book -- and… READ MORE >

- 2058 days ago
Susan Luckey Dead -- 'Music Man' Actress Dies at 74

'Music Man' Actress
Dead at 74

Susan Luckey – who famously played the role of Mayor Shinn's daughter Zaneeta in the 1962 classic “The Music Man” – passed away at her L.A. home early Thursday morning at… READ MORE >

- 2296 days ago
Marty Ingels Takes on TMZ

Marty Ingels Takes on TMZ

So, Harvey Levin went to the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood last night where Howard Bragman, a publicist, was having a book signing ("Where's My Fifteen Minutes?"). Levin goes down the… READ MORE >

- 3716 days ago
Marty Ingels Won't Be Charged With Hat Thievery

Marty Ingels Won't Be Charged With Hat Thievery

It looks like nothing will come of Marty Ingels and the Case of the Missing $500 Hat. Ingels' rep tells TMZ the D.A. won't charge Shirley Jones' husband over the December incident at a Burbank hat… READ MORE >

- 3722 days ago
Shirley Jones' Hubby Caught on Surveillance Tape

Shirley Jones' Hubby Caught on Surveillance Tape

We're told Burbank cops are investigating whether Shirley Jones' hubby, comedian Marty Ingels, shoplifted at a local hat store. We have the surveillance video, so judge for yourself.You see Marty… READ MORE >

- 3737 days ago
Shirley Jones' Hubby -- The New Winona?

Shirley Jones' Hubby -- The New Winona?

Marty Ingels -- the husband of the legendary Partridge Family matriarch Shirley Jones -- is under investigation for allegedly shoplifting a $500 hat.It happened at Baron Hats, a custom store that… READ MORE >

- 3738 days ago
Shirley Jones Goes Meemaw Chic

Shirley Jones Goes Meemaw Chic

Shirley Partridge was as hip as moms came in the '70s -- but these days the 74-year-old is dressing like a nana on a weekend bender in Atlantic City ... not that there's anything wrong with that.… READ MORE >

- 3821 days ago
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