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Skrillex was born on January 15, 1988 in Highland Park, California, USA as Sonny John Moore.  See full bio on IMDb »

Skrillex Says Regarding R. Kelly You Can't Just Erase Someone's Music

Muting R. Kelly ... Easier Said than Done

Skrillex had an interesting take on R. Kelly and the movement to mute his music, and he says it's way more complicated than you think. We got the EDM star Friday in WeHo leaving Equinox gym, and… READ MORE >

Skrillex On the Hook for Around $1.6 Million in Fan Lawsuit

On the Hook for $1.6 Million ... In Fan Lawsuit

Skrillex's definitely breaking a sweat now ... a jury just decided he has to pay a fan over a MILLION bucks in an injury lawsuit. A jury just awarded Jennifer Fraissl a whopping $4,525,402 in… READ MORE >

- 187 days ago
Ty Dolla $ign Drug Bust Video Shows Skrillex Was There Too

Ty Dolla $ign
Arrest Vid Shows Skrillex Was There During Weed, Cocaine Bust

Ty Dolla $ign wasn't the only celeb present during his drug bust ... turns out Skrillex was there too. Atlanta PD just released its body cam footage from the rapper's arrest… READ MORE >

- 262 days ago
Skrillex says Burning Man is Lawless Wonderland Amid Tragedy

Burning Man's a Lawless Nirvana

Skrillex still sees Burning Man as a wonderland ... even after last weekend's tragic death. The DJ was leaving Catch Tuesday night when we asked him how he thinks Burning Man would be… READ MORE >

- 628 days ago
Skrillex Demands 2nd Opinion in Injured Fan Lawsuit

I'm Gonna Need a 2nd Opinion In Injured Fan Lawsuit

Skrillex wants a fan who's suing him to undergo a second psychiatric evaluation, but she's telling him to take a hike. Jennifer Fraissl sued the DJ back in February 2014 after he jumped from… READ MORE >

- 685 days ago
Skrillex Blasts Elon Musk For Getting Pulled Over and Cuffed by Cops (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Yo, Elon Musk ... Thanks for Getting Me in Trouble with the Law!!!

Skrillex was pulled over and handcuffed Wednesday night, and he blamed Elon Musk. Law enforcement sources tell us the superstar DJ was driving on the Sunset Strip in his Tesla with… READ MORE >

- 767 days ago
Diplo -- Sorry, Justin Bieber ... That Sample Is Gonna Cost Ya (VIDEO)

Sorry, Bieber .. That Sample's Gonna Cost Ya

Diplo says it's only a matter of time until Justin Bieber and his team cough up some dough to White Hinterland, the indie artist who says her vocals were jacked for JB's "Sorry." We… READ MORE >

- 1095 days ago
Justin Bieber Sued ... You're a Sorry Thief

Justin Bieber Sued
You're a Sorry Thief

Justin Bieber is being sued by an indie pop star who claims the Biebs jacked her vocal loop for his monster hit "Sorry." Casey Dienel, aka White Hinterland, claims the "unique… READ MORE >

- 1096 days ago
Skrillex -- Cruise Death Was Tragic for Everyone Onboard (VIDEO)

Cruise Death Was a Tragedy ... For Everyone Onboard

Skrillex took a break from celebrating after the AMAs Sunday night ... and got very serious and emotional about the woman who went overboard during the Mad Decent Boat Party. Skrillex was… READ MORE >

- 1281 days ago
EDM Dance Cruise -- Woman Goes Overboard (PHOTO)

EDM Dance Cruise
Woman Goes Overboard

5:05 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard tells TMZ they received a call for a woman who went overboard at 7 PM EST ... the boat is currently 22 miles off the coast of Cuba and… READ MORE >

- 1292 days ago
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