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Anthony 'Treach' Criss was born on December 2, 1970 in East Orange, Newark, New Jersey, USA. He is an actor, known for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Up in the Air (2009) and 8 Mile (2002). He was previously married to Pepa.  See full bio on IMDb »

Naughty By Nature's Treach Calls for Eli Manning to Bench Himself

Naughty By Nature's Treach
Eli Manning's a Legend ... But, It's Over

This is the most respectful way we've ever seen anyone call for a QB to hit the pine ...  The guy calling for Eli Manning to bench himself is Treach -- the leader of Naughty By Nature -- who… READ MORE >

Treach Says Tupac Rape Accuser is Thirsty for Fame, 23 Years Later

Tupac's Rape Accuser is Thirsty for Fame ... 23 Yrs. Later

Treach says Tupac's rape accuser is only coming forward now to repeat her more than 2-decade-old allegations because she's trying to use the #MeToo movement to gain some fame. The Naughty by… READ MORE >

- 479 days ago
Treach Says Bushwick Bill Battery was a 'Technical Difficulty'

Says Knocking Bushwick Bill Off Stage Was a 'Technical Difficulty'!!!

Treach wants to make it clear ... Bushwick Bill falling off stage was NOT his fault, technically speaking. The Naughty by Nature rapper tells TMZ ... there's a simple explanation for why he… READ MORE >

- 658 days ago
Treach Knocks Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill Off Stage

Playing Tricks Onstage Knocks Over Bushwick Bill

Apparently Treach has some questions about whether the Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill is down with O.P.P. ... so he pushed him off the edge of the stage they were sharing. We're kidding… READ MORE >

- 665 days ago
Treach Wants Funkmaster Flex Fired Over Tupac Attack (VIDEO)

Wants Flex Fired for Tupac Diss ... Threatens Ninja Skills!

Loyalty to Tupac Shakur has no expiration date ... according to Treach, who's putting more pressure on Funkmaster Flex and demanding Hot 97 terminate the DJ for dissing 'Pac .  TMZ… READ MORE >

- 741 days ago
Treach Brings Tupac Onstage for Live Diss of 'Bitch Ass' Funkmaster Flex (VIDEO)

Brings Tupac Onstage to Diss 'Bitch Ass' Funkmaster Flex

Treach took a liquid shot for his homey, Tupac, then grabbed the mic, fired a verbal shot at Funkmaster Flex ... and invited his fans to join in on the diss. Naughty by Nature performed… READ MORE >

- 744 days ago
Treach Stands Up for Tupac, Drops Violent Diss Track Against Funkmaster Flex (AUDIO + VIDEO)

Defends Tupac with Violent Diss Track Funkmaster Flex Is Banned!

Tupac's name is being dragged through the mud according to his homie, Treach ... who got so pissed at DJ Funkmaster Flex he just dropped a diss track filled with violent threats. The Naughty by… READ MORE >

- 745 days ago
Ice-T and Treach, We Roll With Snoop on Trump Gun Video (VIDEO)

Ice T and Treach
We Roll with Snoop On Trump Gun Video

Ice-T thinks Snoop walked right up to the line with his music video pointing a gun at a Donald Trump clown-like character, but his buddy Treach thinks it's all in good fun and definitely fair… READ MORE >

- 804 days ago
Naughty By Nature Rapper Treach -- Accused of Charging Cops ... After 10-Block Police Chase

Naughty By Nature Rapper
Accused of Charging Cops After 10-Block Police Chase

Naughty By Nature rapper Anthony "Treach" Criss was arrested Thursday in Jersey -- after allegedly charging cops following a 10-block police chase through 4 red lights ... and cops even drew their… READ MORE >

- 1872 days ago
Treach from Naughty By Nature: 'Memba Him?

Treach from
Naughty By Nature 'Memba Him?

With '90s hits like "O.P.P.", "Everything's Gonna Be Alright," and "Hip Hop Hooray," Treach (seen here with Tupac Shakur) became famous as the lead singer of the hip hop group Naughty By Nature.… READ MORE >

- 3212 days ago
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