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Hasselhoff Domestic Violence Documents Revealed

3/23/2006 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained unsealed documents in the David Hasselhoff divorce case, in which his estranged wife Pamela claims the actor terrorized her.

Many of the documents were blacked out. However, in Pamela's application for domestic violence, a portion is still readable. Pamela claims in December 2005, David "grabbed me and pushed me hard into a car." She adds: "In the past, he has also broken my nose and called me 'whore,' 'c**t,' 'bitch,' 'slut' and 'drug addict' in front of our children."

She claims last February, David "told me that he was going to break through my security gate, drive his car through the house, beat the door down and go into the house and take my(sic) all of my jewelry and sell it."
Sources tell TMZ that Hasselhoff denies all allegations against him. It is unclear if the judge granted the order.

On March 6, 2006, the judge ordered David to stay 100 yards away from Pamela and her residence. The judge also ordered him to give up any firearm.

Court documents


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My bet is that the date on the fax machine is wrong. The date is not something most staff members check as a regular routine.

2896 days ago


Ha!!! I noticed the same exact thing on the fax!!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe it for a minute!!!!

2896 days ago


what i want to know is who cheated on who? and wht the hell are the children going through this the daughter is apparently reaching out for help....

2896 days ago

Joe Wood    

I think Hasselhoff is an ego maniac, and I don't know if he is guilty of these charges, but if he is he should be on a show titled: " Stars with no class" instead of America's got talent!!!

2896 days ago


I truly believe people should keep their comments to themselves unless they know the man personnaly or hear both sides of the story. people are to quick to jump to someones defence even though they dont even dont know them. in other words mind your own damm business.

2896 days ago


why arnt my comments posted?

2896 days ago

Susan Gentner    

I feel bad for the Hasselhoff family...apparently, those who bring sunchine into the lives of others don't always keep some for themselves!

2896 days ago

Susan Gentner    

Now that you mention it, the fax tells the facts as well as the fax. You know...I think this is all part of a carefully orchestrated plan on her behalf by her lawyer to destroy his character...

It's evil and malicious! Bad vibes for kids. Find the LOVE that united you and remember that forgiveness is the key to happiness!

It's a REAL blessing that these two people didn't lose their daughter, who is lovely and seems full of promise!

Hellohhhho! LOVE is calling!

2896 days ago

Susan Gentner    

Thank You, Linda! Looks like a set-up to me...

2896 days ago


Aslo, did anyone notice that Respondent (Pamela, since David is the Petitioner) has to undergo drug tsting and rehab?

2896 days ago


I met David Hasselhoff many years ago and I find it hard to believe that he could do all that. But who can look into a persons head or heart? I certainly do hope it is not true and I whish for the good of him and his family that everything can be settled soon and without the public. It is none of our business. It is the Hasselhoff Family Business. Even stars and their families deserve some privacy.

2896 days ago

Kenneth Waugh    

Restraining orders when filing for Divorce in California routinely ask for both parties to be restrained from annoying, harassing and threatening each other. Also its not unusual for the complainant to make any kind of a fight or push or cussing match look like a threat that was really meant when actually the remark was made in the heat of an argument.
The firearm clause is standard in Ca. , you may not posses or purchase a firearm while going through divorce proceedings.
100 yards is about standard for ALL divorce proceedings in Ca.

In Ca the only grounds for divorce among legally married people is Irreconcilable differences as Ca is a "No Fault" divorce State so division of property etc. isn't resolved by who did what with whom.

2896 days ago

Linda W    

I find it peculiar that both of these court documents here are dated in 2006, however at the very bottom they have a fax date of 2000.

2951 days ago

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