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Driving While Paris Update

6/9/2006 8:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to watch!Paris Hilton hit a parked car causing damage, then left without leaving a note -- allegedly a violation of California law, and it's all on video.

It happened Thursday after a shopping spree in trendy Robertson Blvd in L.A. with her new BFF, Kim Kardashian . After loading her shopping bags into the trunk of her Range Rover, Hilton says good-bye to Kardashian and starts to back out of the parking spot without her seat belt on -- another violation of law.

Hilton checks her mirrors and looks around, but apparently doesn't notice the parked Honda Civic behind her and slams into the bumper, causing damage to both vehicles.

Hilton then exits the public parking structure without leaving a note with her contact information, which is a misdemeanor under California law, punishable by as much as six months in jail.

This latest incident is just another in a series of Hilton-related car mishaps.

Last November the hotel heiress was involved in yet another hit and run, which TMZ caught on tape, when her then boyfriend Stavros Niarchos crashed Hilton's Bentley into a parked truck and then drove off. Additionally, TMZ has video of eight instances, since May 1, where Hilton drives away in her car sans seat belt. While as far as we can determine, she has never been cited. If she had, the fines would total $1682. BTW, Thursday's incident brings the count (of driving without a seat belt) to nine.

Also this week, Hilton illegally parked in a handicapped spot outside Matt Leinart's apartment.

TMZ checked official parking records in LA and Beverly Hills and found since January, Hilton has been cited 6 times for various violations.

Paris' rep Elliot Mintz tells TMZ that Paris called him about the parking garage incident after it happened Thursday. Mintz says Paris was aware that she backed into another vehicle, and there were obviously no injuries and only minor damage to both vehicles. Mintz says Paris left her contact information with a "parking attendant at the parking garage" to give to the person who is the registered owner of the vehicle that was hit. Mintz says to accuse Paris of leaving the scene without leaving her contact information or a note is inaccurate.

As for the seat belt, Mintz says it's impossible to know whether or not a block away she does put her seat belt on. "When she is exiting a building and there are photographers all over her, that is not her first concern," he says. According to Mintz, as a routine habit, Paris DOES wear a seat belt when she's driving.

As for parking in handicapped parking spaces, Mintz says "It is certainly not Paris' habit to park in places designated as handicapped parking. If she did that anywhere, it was a mistake and wrong and won't happen again."

And what about that infamous Bentley hit and run? Mintz says "For the record, Paris was not driving the vehicle that evening. The person who was driving the vehicle resolved that issue with the owner of the truck. To the best of my knowledge, there was a police inquiry about the incident and it was resolved by the LAPD. To suggest that Paris was involved in a hit and run is completely inaccurate. She wasn't behind the wheel."

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It just amazes me how this girl get away with things. I know money has power, but she should is liable for her own actions. Drunk Driving, No Seatbelt, Parking in Handicap Spot, Singing, Acting............ If this was a "real person" no way would this be allowed. I frown upon the our law enforcement for not protecting the citizens of this city from carless celebs comitting offenses!

3060 days ago

Maybe she should get a driver?    

She is rich. She should get a driver. Someone has a job and the world is a safer place, everyone wins. :)!!!!!!

3060 days ago


Spoiled inconsiderate Biotch!!! people like her make me sick!!! it's all about a me type person...she needs a major jihad on her ways

3060 days ago

C Moon    

It's just a shame that all these super celebrities get as punishment is a fine, which does nothing because money is no object to them. Most people, under these circumstances would have had a sobriety test, under which most accidents one occurs if police officers are present and suspicious. Her boyfriend probably would have gotten a felony DUI for the earlier incident last year. Why does everyone else get DUI's but people like Robert Kennedy, Lindsay Lohan etc. get away with it. Shouldn't we be setting a public example for punishment. As a person with two DUI's it makes me angry that celebrities get away with it

3060 days ago

stewart mason    

you guys are just pissed off cause she is wealthy and has her way. quit whining and goabout you own business.

3060 days ago

juice man    

WHAT.....have we learnt nuthing from history. The rich get away with anything.

3060 days ago


leave her alone! everyone is just jealous...she is rich,pretty and most people do not even know one thing about her other than what they read.(half of which is untrue) she is also known to do charity we report on that? no! whatever...just move on...haters...

3060 days ago

Sheila Alvarado    

Why would Miss Hilton have any regard for the law? Money can buy you anything,I feel sorry for her kind , she will never know what it's like to have to work and make your car payment.

Her show is a realty sicko, it shows how dumb and stupid she is. I think her sister is a much caring person and has class due to dropping out of the public eye and trying to be her own person.

Her parent's are partly to blame for raising such a spoiled, self centered brat.

3060 days ago


I don't care that she's rich or spoiled. The round circles on the bumper of her Range Rover are part of a back up signaling system that should have clued her the car was back there-I think she's either deaf or stupid, or just doens't care

3060 days ago

Lori Fidler    

The only thing I ever thought good of Paris is that nose of hers and flat chest- she has more than enough money to get plastic surgery-but has not. She hasn't. Everyone defends her by saying how sweet and nice she is...people like her family. I don't know her, but from what I have seen aside from her name getting her just a slap on the wrist (if not even that) is trouble seems to go with her. Poor choices in the past and poor choices now. More will come back to bite her BUT in a way I feel bad for her ...and her size 11 shoe.

3060 days ago


according to this article this in PH's 9th time of not wearing her seatbelt. God forbid she gets into a car accident.

2: PH's spokesman Mintz said she left her info with a parking attendant. The video shows PH driving off. So she DID NOT leave her info with the parking attendant. Unless those moments when she stopped the car, she was on the phone with the parking garage ppl..I think not. She was probably calling Mintz or her lawyers. Thus she hit and ran, that is a felony. She needs to get arrested and charged for it!

3: Tmz says her fines for not wearing her seatbelt 9 times would total $1682 ..... that is pennies to her. That is probably how much she spends for a purse, or for an outfit for her dog.

3060 days ago

Andrew in Phoenix    

To Steward Mason and Shannon, go to hell. I hope your cars get smashed up by celebrities. Better yet, I hope you suck ups and ass kissers meet your match with an SUV!

3060 days ago


Pfft, LoL Americanism. Stupid rich americans like her are why the terrorists hate your country. Oh and jealousy, yeah right, go about your own business? Oh yeah like that Idea that a poor mexican can come into america and make something of himself, the american dream, It's all BS, and it's KILLING the world.

3060 days ago


you haters shoudl just shut the fu*k up and stop being jealous..she can hit as many cars as she wants becayse she can afford's not like she is completely focused with the paparrazzi always on her

3060 days ago


On the tape you canclearly hear the paparazzi baiting her and distracting her. I bet that when she hit the car and her friends tell her there's nothing wrong (no damage), she doesn't want to get out to give the ppzzi's the pleasure of a money shot. So---- she tells the parking attendant instead. It's easy to dislike her ridiculous wealth, but look at what these privacy invaders did to Princess Diana. I would've MAYBE done the same thing in her Manolo Blahnicks.

3060 days ago
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