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German Photogs Boo Jen and Vince

6/13/2006 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston and Vince VaughnAmerican photographers may be irritating to the stars they shoot, but they rarely boo. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn found out the hard way that it's not always the same across the pond.

While touring to promote thier movie, 'The Break-Up,' the couple posed -- separately -- for a mob of media in Hamburg. This fits with their long-standing tendency to not be photographed together. But the German photographers wanted a two-shot, and loudly cajoled Vince to join Jennifer under the lights.

Finally, Vince did step forward, but only with the film's director, Peyton Reed, standing between Vaughn and Aniston. This teasing maneuver only further upset the media, whose voices swelled with groans and boos.

The videographer in this clip zooms in on Jennifer's right hand, possibly looking for an engagement ring. Despite media reports that the couple are engaged, sources tell TMZ that this is not true.


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ada taylor    

did it ever occur to you that they're taking the mick? i don't pretend to know for sure, but i think both of these actors have a sense of humor and i can totally see this being their way of making fun of how jolie and pitt acted while making and promoting mr and mrs smith.

3055 days ago


Poor Jennifer, those Germans are loud! She probably just wanted to get out of there.

3055 days ago


Jen looks gorgeous and Vince is getting hunkier by the day. As far as "being a REAL MAN" Pitt could'nt measure up to Vinces' belly button!

3055 days ago


Why does he zoom into her right hand? An engagement ring goes on the left.

3055 days ago



3055 days ago


They were acting stupid and deserved to get booed.

3055 days ago

Kelly McDougall    

I just can't help but wonder that if they are in a relationship how much it must suck that they feel the can't express it. I mean, my husband is the world to me and if I couldn't even hold hands with him walking to my car because I was afraid of what the tabloids might say or someone else for that matter than it would SUCK!.. What an awful way to live!

3055 days ago


Why are you all so mean? You must really care?

3055 days ago


for someone who is over her ex and her pass, she sure does bring it up ALOT!
seems like she married Brad for exposure and she is going to get every last drop out of matter what, she filed for divorce from Brad. The marriage didn't work he made his intentions For whatever reason, she wasn't ready, so they moved on...well, he did at least. Too bad he has found what he wanted at this point in his life...if she keeps telling us to stop feeling sorry for her and that she has moved on...why talk to her ex's mom,call and congratulate her ex, and keep telling us that she has moved on...SHE HASN'T! Agree with the Friends episode movie comment, she does the same thing in everything she does.....she needs a hobby, and acting like she is okay and moving on, isn't one of them.

3055 days ago


look I’m not huge fan of jennifer aniston but to make it clear jen has never brought up brad and angelina it's the tabloids that keep bringing it up and turning it into a love triangle if anything jen has told the media to leave her out of the hold brangelina saga.

Also Team Aniston and Team Jolie what the hell is that it's the most stupidest thing i have ever heard of how can you make a feud out of something that nobody knows anything about i mean come on i think jen has gotten all over this personally i think it's the media and the public that hasn't gotten over it. I mean all i hear is that angelina's a slut and jennifer's cry-baby. When in reality the only thing i have ever seen out of angelina is a devoted mother and humanitarian and when it comes to jennnifer i have never seen her ask for anyone to fill sorry for her it s the media that keeps on saying she is crying all the time and having pity parties and honestly if she was crying that much she be dead from dehydration and personally i think she has handled the divorce quite well.

3054 days ago

Catherine Clements    

They definitely get more press because they won't acknowledge their relationship. And I think that's why they don't - just for the press. Pretty sad.

3054 days ago

In the know    

JA is neurotic and selfish. It was only a matter of time before BP left her.

3054 days ago


All of you who put Jen down are just truly jealous. She has always just been the kinda cute girl next door. Why should she have to say anything about Vince?
Brad was the dog in the relationship. Got all hot and bothered while filming with another woman!! He's the rat. Leave her alone and let her go on with her life and the rest of you get one!

3053 days ago


This message is for commen #15. Jen might have big nose and talenless, but she is not a home wrecker, if you judge people by their looks, we have nothing to say about you, because you are brainless. Find a jungle and live with bugs.

3042 days ago


People, are soooo angry....I wonder why that is...Jennifer has done nothing wrong...she stayed true to her marriage vows unlike her husband and the whore he's with now...Jolie has always taken men from the women they are with...I think she gets off doing that...look at Billy Bob (great catch there..uck) but he was living with Laura Dern at the time he got married to Jolie...Dern was in the dark, she thought everything was fine...I guess it was ok for Jolie to do that too...I wish people would get a grip...Jolie and Pitt are two whores, lets call it as it is...Just because you think someone is beautiful on the outside doesn't mean they are on the inside...society today is all screwed up, you know why because they look up to people in hollywood, big mistake...

3042 days ago
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