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Babwa Hate Star

6/28/2006 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters has hated Star Jones for a long time, and it has nothing to do with Rosie O'Donnell. 

I'm told Barbara utterly turned on Star during the diva's wedding.  Walters was horrified by the freebies Star was getting and felt she was making "The View" look awful.

Barbara Walters and Star Jones

But it goes beyond all that.  For several years, I've heard that Barbara was fed up with Star acting like she was all that.  It's true, no one has a higher opinion of Star than herself.  I remember during the O.J. Simpson civil trial (her pre-gastric surgery days), when someone I know complimented her on her hairstyle.  Star's response:  "That's my Audrey Hepburn look." 

Star has pissed off an awful lot of people in Hollywood who feel she treated them shabbily -- that, by the way is an extreme understatement.  It's no surprise that Barbara Walters ultimately turned on her.

The problem is, now Walters is starting to look really bad, publicly feuding with Jones.  She should follow her smart self and just shut up.  But she can't.  You see, that's how much she hates Star.


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Sherry Fisk    

I will LOVE watching Rosie on the View. Not too sad to see Star leave but I can hardly stand Elizabeth and her right wing wacko views. Should be good watching her spar with Rosie. I would have been clueless about any dispute had BW not made the big deal on air. Yes, I agree Linda Dano would be great.

3006 days ago

rose fisher    

barbara wawa is no angel, she thinks she all that. Is she jealous that the wedding was paid for by others who thought Star was worth investing into? As far as Rosie I don't think the show will survive. They need to let Barbara Wawa go also.

3006 days ago


Star gone, so sad, so bad. She will land on her feet, like it or not. I will not watch the view anymore without Star and Meridith. Joy Behar? Who is she? In my opinion she is even more overbearing than Star. The show will never be the same.

3006 days ago

Lynda Lohmann    

I have watched The View from the very first show and always enjoyed it. When I found Meredith Viera was replaced with Rosie O'Donnell I knew that the show was headed for disaster. Now with Star Jones also leaving, and not doing it with class as Meredith did, I probably will not be watching The View much past summer. Good Luck to Barbara, Joy and especially to Elizabeth.

3006 days ago

Janno in Oregon    

When Star didn't even know who the guests were to be on the day of Al's birthday, I was in awe. I thought how ill-prepared that you are chatting about Big Al and your giving the day to him when up and behold you are reminded that a party planner is a guest on the show today. Not only that, she and Joy ended up hosting that segment. It was a diaster in more than one way. I thought the Starr wedding would never stop. Maybe we should all try to have corporations sponsor our weddings. How cheap, if you can't afford it , perhaps you too need a budget like the millions of other brides or debt, we all have had that.

3006 days ago

Dale Pierce    

First of all , let's remember this is a TV show. These ladies are not curing cancer, AIDS, or solving any other problems in the world. That all being said, change is change. Good luck to Star, leave Barbara alone (look at who she is and what she has accomplished in her medium), and kudos to the View for being brave enough to shake things up with Rosie. Remember the HUGE following her show had, all those viewers and more will be gald to see her again every day.

3006 days ago

Lance K.    

Star and class do not belong in the same sentence. Trust me work around her. Anyone who isn't on her "level" as she perceives she treats like crap

I thought she could have waitied for her "dignified" announcement until after the Charles Gibson appearance but then when it comes to Star it has always been about her.

Her image is fake and those in the know truly know. Her sham of an engagement at the game...How staged can you get, the engagement had already happened but if she can get some press from it she goes for it.

Just like now. She loves the attention

3006 days ago

Lance K.    

I am far from an Elisabeth fan but did anyone notice that she did a lot better today. I was expecting her to do one of her things with Al Gore being on but she really did well today

3006 days ago


I am a fan of Star Jones Reynolds, and like she said " I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow". I am not a fan of The View, especially now. I was so tired of hearing Rosie O'Donnell trash Star about her weight loss, and not disclosing how she lost the weight...and then to find out the producers of this lame show was hiring Rosie as a co-host, just blew me away. I'm glad Star is off the show, now they can't use her to boost ratings with the bad blood between her, and Rosie. Why did it take Rosie so long to tell America that she was a lesbian? Although, some of us could tell she was one. Who wants to hear her big mouth anyway?!

3006 days ago

C Arnold    

I too had issues with Star's wedding that is when I started not caring too much for her but I have to side with her on the way ABC handled the deal and I don't think putting Rosie on is going to help the ratings. I do feel that Barbara did make herself look bad by even commenting the next day on the situation but I believe she is not getting the bad wrap. ABC is a major station and probably made her make the statement trying to salvage as much of a Goody two shoes impression on the public. The whole deal made with the tell it how you want to but when you do we lash out on you situation against Star who cares why she is leaving. She is leaving. That is good but dragging Barbara through the mud does not help the view if the View fails it is ABC's fault. Corporations will always find a way to fail themselves I just hope Barbara will not fall into the same trap Star did.

3006 days ago

Roxanne Wood    

I do not like Star Jones at all...but Barbara is much worse. I hate her interviews and wish she would just retire. Enough of her already because she is out of touch. Barbara has the nerve to say that Star did not have mass appeal because she lost weight and found love, oh pahleeze! Doesn't that sound like Babs is green with envy? Since when do you fire folks that improve themselveds. I would pay to never see either of these heifers on the air again.

3006 days ago

LenoraFaye Hunter    

I think that Star is a beautiful person inside and out. She has high morals which I respect. I think that how she lost weight is her own business and none of Barbara's or anyone else. I enjoyed hearing about her wedding plans and think that it was great the way she got freebies. She can help a lot of people with what she saved and I am sure that she does. (Everyone doesnt't brag about giving the way some people who take money for their baby's picture after stealing a man away from his wife does). The View is sinking to low, low levels. I will not be watching anymore. I am looking to seeing Star on Larry King tonight and in the future.

3006 days ago


Star Jones is an asshole.

3006 days ago


Spell Check anyone! I wish those of you who don't know how to spell would learn to check your spelling before you hit that post button. Whatever point you are making gets lost in the battle to understand just what it is that you wrote.


3006 days ago


I agree with the comments of the person below. I think Star was honest and humble when she made her announcement and I was physically uncomfortable with B.Walters announcement on the show Wednesday.

Very uncool... Star is not the one who was acting without "dignity". That honor would have to go to B. Walters and the View.

I also don't like Elizabeth. I'v never really liked her. Too conservative and all that for me. Joy and Meradeth are my favorites and I predict that this coming year will be the last year for the View.


14. We all heard rumors about Star leaving, and her announcement yesterday was pulled off with class, whether you like Star or not. She immediately thanked Walters, and then her other co-hosts. That should have been the end of it. Barbara looked very bad and spiteful this morning when she revealed that ABC's prior decision about Star.

Apparently Walters didn't like the fact that Star told People magazine. that she felt she'd been fired, and comments Star made today on the radio may have fueled the fire. Well she HAD been fired. The View's ratings were pretty high during Star's wedding fiasco... and I agree that it was a bit much.

I won't watch The View anymore either. Star didn't air ABC/Walter's dirty business on the show. Barbara should've done the same. It will all be in the tabloids and the web anyway.

Posted at 2:37PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Honey 0 stars

3006 days ago
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